Muppets Movie – Review

We went to the Muppet movie’s pre-screening on Saturday. I took my hubby and two children. My kids don’t really know who the Muppets are except for the recent press for this movie. My hubby and I remember them very well. I loved – Pigs in Space!! Did you know it’s been 12 years since the Muppets last big screen movie?

Anyway… on to the movie. The movie is about and hour and half long and involves lots of singing. The movie involves a vacation to Las Anglos and a visit to The Muppet Studios only to find the studio has closed down. Walter, the Muppets biggest fan and his brother, Gary and Gary’s girlfriend, Mary all try and get the Muppets together again to save the studios from being shut down forever. There were a few celebrity cameos, I don’t want to give too much away.

So what did we think? I laughed quite a bit during the movie. I thought the song scene, Am I a Man or a Muppet, was hilarious!! Oh and the hens clucking/singing to Forget You, was super funny!! My husband was not very fond of the movie. My son, who is eleven, liked it a lot. My daughter who is three, was not very interested in the movie. I can tell by how many times she asks to go to the bathroom. Plus she was antsy throughout the movie.

I would recommend this movie for any fan of the Muppets and kids maybe 5-6 and up. But that’s just our opinion!!


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  1. This movie is going to be so fun!