What’s Stuck In My Tree? w/w

This is the big tree in front of my house. Hunter is alwasys throwing items up in the tree!


Can you guess the four items stuck in my tree? Two are easy….


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  1. Are those bike wheels?

  2. My eyesight sucks. I can’t tell what they are. I’d guess the one pic is bike wheels or hula hoops?

  3. I’d guess Hoola Hoops!

  4. I guess Hoola Hoops also….when I saw them that was my thought

  5. LOL Oh the joys of kids! There’s been some interesting roof finds at my Mom’s house as well.

  6. Looks like hoola hoops to me! My kids throw them so they loop over the top of the trampoline net and I can’t get them down, lol.

  7. The hula hoops are obvious. Is the yellow thing a costume hard hat?

  8. Hoola Hoops, a ball of some sort and …. a green alien?? loL!

  9. A ball, 2 hoola hoops and a frisbee?

  10. wow, no clue.

  11. I see the Hula Hoops…is the third picture an alien face??
    Too funny!

  12. A frisbee or two and …..

    We have a few action heros in our tree

  13. Too funny! Hopefully you can get them out!

  14. It looks like a ball, hula hoops…and a halloween mask!?? Lol!

  15. Ha funny! I also saw Hula Hoops and is that a yellow ball in the first picture?

  16. I saw hoops, did not even think of hula hoops LOL, what are they? 🙂

  17. I can see hoops but that is about it, totally funny though!

  18. I’m guessing hula hoops as well!

  19. I can’t figure out what they are but how in the world did he get them up so high and who’s climbing up there to get them out?

  20. I’m guessing glowsticks made into necklaces.

  21. I am glad I don;t have to climb up and get them! LOL

  22. How funny! Hopefully you don’t have a picky home-owner’s association and the tree gets you in trouble :).

  23. Bike tires? One of those hoops that you chase with a stick? (I don’t know what they’re called…probably not, I have a feeling kids haven’t played that game since the ’20s ;))

  24. I have no idea what they are, but the one on the right looks like Kermit!

  25. Lol that is so something my son would do.

  26. Hula Hoops … your tree still has green leaves?! Where do you live?

  27. Awe, I can’t tell!

  28. hula hoops, ball?? He has very good aim.

  29. All I can see are Hula Hoops!

  30. How do you get the down?

  31. That is too funny!