Be “Green” This Christmas

Wow – Christmas is almost here and there is so much stuff to buy!

But wait!! Before you go buying all those fancy boxes and wrapping paper to a minute and think of a more green way to do Christmas.

Save any and every box you have around the house. I’m lucky enough to have plenty of boxes from review items and I save different sizes at work too. But- you can save cereal boxes, food boxes, tissue boxes, really any box can be used. Last year I did not “buy” any boxes and I won’t have to this year either. I have boxes of boxes I started collecting last month. Cereal boxes will make nice clothes boxes. I used one for mailing gifts before.

Wrapping paper – now this one’s a little more tricky. You can use newspaper or cartoons. These make fun and interesting presents. You can use the kids artwork for smaller gifts. You can use leftover materials to wrap your gifts. You can even use cloth to make a gift bag. These can be used from year to year.

Last year I saved some brown paper from work and folded it nice and neat and kept it flat. Then I used stamps and placed holiday stamps with glitter on the paper. I really think the presents wrapped in this paper was my absolute favorite!!


What will you do this Christmas to be “green”?


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  1. We do this! I actually think brown bagging it and decorating with ribbons and whatnot is very pretty.

  2. I’ve done the brown paper bags as gift wrap before and let my son decorate. Never thought about using cereal boxes before…. thanks!

  3. these are such great tips! Wrapping paper and gift boxes just get thrown away anyway and it’s such a waste.

  4. I love the idea of using boxes!

  5. I love wrapping in brown paper bags and adding something from nature like pine cones or grapevine. Great post!

  6. Sooooooooooo true!!!! 🙂 I love brown paper wrapped packages!

  7. Love these ideas! I’ll have to try those. Thanks for sharing!

  8. My daughter would love wrapping with paper bags.

  9. I think that’s a great way to be green this Christmas. Plus it saves money! I’ve saved boxes that I received packagages in by the mail and have been using them to wrap my presents in.

  10. I have a gigantic stack of boxes from reviews that I’m reusing too! I also use a lot of their wrap and fluff for my present packing! 😉