Somebody’s Watching Me….

We use to have a security system when my hubby worked nights. It was nice to have the extra security since it was just me and my 6 year old son. Then he stopped working and we couldn’t afford it anymore. But that was okay, because my husband was home now.

Now we can afford to have a security system, like Vivint, but I’m not sure I want it. Have you seen what Vivint home automation can do? You can turn on and off small appliances like the coffee pot or lamps all from your smart phone!  You can also auto lock your doors and have video surveillance. I would be afraid the locks would auto lock and I wouldn’t be able to unlock them. Weird, huh?

I bet my neighbor has the video surveillance, though. They keep tabs on who is in their yard. HELLO!! You live on a cul-de-sca with children! There will be kids on your lawn at one point. I always get creeped out walking by their house, like somebody’s watching me…



Vivint security does have the regular security systems. They don’t use wires, they use cell signals and you can have remote access through an app on your phone – cool! We still have the old security tabs on our windows, yuck.


What about you? Do you use a security system?





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  1. We do have a system that records everything that goes on and keeps it stored off site until we delete it.

  2. Yep… I have two, in fact…

    One named Muldoon and another named Harlie, America’s Wonder Dog…

    This two golden retrievers are tireless in their quest to keep the homestead protected. And, were are getting an upgrade-collar cams! Attached wirelessly to the ‘net with a voice circuit, I can see what’s is happening and tell the bad guys to get lost… (no really)

    Now, if I could just get them to send me an email when there was something I needed to see.

  3. oops

    I mean (not really)

  4. My home is wired for securty, but I just never had it activated.

  5. My home in VA was…here in Miami I live w/ my inlaws and they’ve got those annoying bars on everything and they lock this place down like Fort Knox…this seems much less intrusive and prettier!

  6. My hubby is very techie and has fixed up a security system for us. It gives us peace of mind.

  7. I think that’s awesome I would love to have something like that for my house

  8. I would love to have a security system! Our home is even wired for one so it’d only be a monthly fee!

  9. I think that’s super creepy. And people can hack into anything,so THEY(whoever “they” are lol) could get access to all of that stuff..:/ My big dogs and a gun are enough security for me.:)

  10. I live in a small town. The kind where no one locks their doors or has a security system. Sometimes I think I am way too relaxed about things like that though.

  11. Security systems are a must these days!