Krill Oil – Omega 3

Do you do the whole omega 3 thing? I’ve heard it’s really good for you. It can help with so many problems, why wouldn’t you take them? I keep wanting to try them out, but have heard about the fishy after taste and just never did it. But Everset Nutrition Krill Oil has 300 mg of omega 3 and I’ve heard it doesn’t have the aftertaste.

I work in an ophthalmologist office and our doctor advises patients to take omega 3 to help with dry eye syndrome as well just overall health. As for dry eye syndrome, a having a balance of omega 3 and omega 6 essential fatty acids offers anti-inflammatory properties that aid in the natural healing of the tear film. this relieves dry eye syndrome symptoms over a longer period of time.

A few other items to point out. Omega 3 may be helpful with children with ADHD. Children with ADHD need a balanced diet and if they have low levels of fatty acids , they may benefit from taking it.

Krill Oil contains EPA and DHA, which are the same omega 3 fatty acids in fish oil, only usually in smaller amounts. Some early studies state Krill oil may be better the fish oil. Krill oil also helps with cholesterol levels and triglycerides. And even helps to ease PMS symptoms

To order or learn more about Krill Oil, visit their website. I need to try it too!



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  1. My Dad has to do the Omega 3’s, thanks for sharing.

  2. Someone’s post yesterday was saying that they tried this and it really does NOT taste fishy. So that’s awesome!

  3. This sounds like an awesome product!

  4. Yea I was just reading about this yesterday, cool, I need to get on the wagon with more supplements!

  5. I despise the fishy taste. I’m glad to see this product.

  6. My son has ADHD and products like this really helps!

  7. We also do Omega 3 for ADHD. This sounds like a great product.