Do You Have Dental Insurance?


Do you have dental insurance?

Did you know that many families do not have dental insurance. Even with insurance some of the deductibles can be pricey. Individual dental insurance plans can pricey too.

Thankfully, we have dental through my husband’s employer. We actually have great dental insurance. Sadly some of my coworkers do not. They have insurance but they still have to pay a lot of money out of pocket. I hear stories about how much they have to pay and I wonder if there is not a better solution.

I was checking out and they seem to have the some great plans that look affordable. Discount dental plans are an easy way to save on your dental care even if you don’t have a dental insurance plan.

With you can save with braces, as well checkups and fillings. I am hoping my children won’t need braces. First they are expensive and a pain to wear. I had them for five years starting at like age eleven. I was not a happy camper. Hunter’s dentist hasn’t said he┬áneeds them yet. Finger’s crossed.

I went on the website and plugged in my zip code to see what kind of plans were available in my area. 17 plans popped up on the screen , with prices ranging from $79/year for individuals and $129/year for families. Those are the lowest plans and then it goes up from there, with nothing over $200/year.

If you or someone you know needs dental insurance have them check this out!


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  1. I don’t have dental insurance as of yet, but I might have to check into that site since I’ve heard that dental plans are the way to go.

  2. I have dental as part of my husbands medical plan

  3. wouldn’t live without dental insurance I need to make a cleaning appt thanks for the reminder
    but son needs dental that sounds like an option for him thanks

  4. Thankfully I’ve got dental insurance -Dental care is sooo expensive…which reminds me, I’m overdue!

    Incidentally I hate going to the dentist!

  5. No we currently don’t have dental insurance. We are self-employed so pay for our own health insurance, but thanks for sharing this… will definitely check it out.

  6. We have pretty good dental insurance, but some times we go over our alotted amount. A root canal takes all our money in one swoop if we need it.

  7. We don’t have dental insurance but my husband’s employer will reimburse us up to $500 a year. It has been a great lesson in how prevention is cheaper in the long run as we mostly have cleanings done and can stay within that budget.