Why I Don’t Have Bunk beds

My stepsons had bunk beds when I met them 18 years ago. The two older ones shared a room together for the first few months. Then we when we moved the younger ones shared the share a room and Jeff, the oldest, got his own room. The bunk beds worked for us well over the next ten years. But the boys got older and moved out. 🙂

We sold them and years later my son wanted bunk beds. I thought they would be great for friends coming over and what not. We got these really cool metal bunk beds that had one bed one way and the top bed the other. We had them for only about a year and a half.


Hunter never would sleep on the top bunk. I was a little worried he would fall out too. It always ended up have a TON of stuff on top. Just a big o’ junk pile.

Then Savannah, just a little thing, always wanted to climb the ladder and hang up on the top bunk. It.freaked.me.out!

My little tiny girl was constantly trying to get up there and I just couldn’t handle it anymore.

So we sold them to a neighbor boy who loves them!

I like some bunk beds, they have have so many cool ones now a days. Look at this one! But they are not for the worry mommy. Yes, that’s me.


I'm a mother of 2 who likes to get involved in too much! Besides writing here I started a non-profit, I'm on the PTO board, very active in my community and volunteer in the school. I enjoy music, reading, cooking, traveling and spending time with my family. We just adopted our 3rd cat and love them all!

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  1. My guy would probably hang all over it.

  2. That little girl cottage one is adorable.

  3. LOL! When we were shopping for beds for my two boys I wanted to go w/ a bunk bed because I thought it would save space but my husband was too freaked that our little guy who I think was a monkey in a previous life would think himself at a park all the time…We opted for two single beds and I’m usually glad for it! Especially when they fall asleep on the sofa or in the car!

  4. My daughter wants one, but I won’t get bunk beds for her.

  5. Lol, my boys have bunk beds. And they do hang all over them. Boys will be boys though!

  6. I want to get one just because it’s a cheaper way to get two beds at one time, never put them together though

  7. The way my son falls out of bed every other night, the top bunk would be lethal for him!

  8. The little girl one is totally cute! My boys had bunk beds until they had their own rooms!

  9. My boys have bunk beds now and thankfully no one has got hurt 😉

  10. Our boys have bunk beds and they are working out great for us. Our house is small and they just fit so well…So far no one has gotten hurt. I hope it stays that way!

  11. My litlest two have bunk beads and they love them. too funny

  12. Love that one on the bottom!

  13. Our girls have bunk beds and they’re 7 & 5. They love them and thanks to limited space, so do I!

  14. I would love bunk beds in my kids rooms, the boys share and to maximize space would love the ones you can put desks and dressers under.

  15. My boys would love to have a bunk bed.

  16. I would be scared to put my youngest in a bunk bed – even years from now. He already loves to jump off the couch – and that almost gives me a heart attack lol

  17. I am not sure what I think about bunk beds for my little guy. I would probably be too worried too.

  18. I’m sure my DD would love a bunk bed… especially that princess cottage one!