Guide to Good Posture

With young children, it’s always good to teach good posture. Here are some interesting tips to learn.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I spend so much time in my desk chair I need to work on my posture!

  2. Poor posture is one of my biggest pet peeves!

  3. I used to be so aware of my posture … then I started carrying kiddos all the time. I need to revisit it and retrain myself!

  4. As soon as I started reading this I sat up straight. I need a poster of this 😉

  5. I sat up straight right after starting to read this, my posture is just awful. I need to follow these steps and work at it.

  6. I really need to be more aware of my posture. I try, but since I sit at the computer a lot, it’s difficult.

  7. I wouldn’t say that my posture is horrible, but I do have some difficulties when it comes to sitting up straight. However, I know that if I was to walk with a stack of books on my head, they’ll probably fall off, well maybe lol.

  8. I need to work on my posture.

  9. My biggest issue is keeping my shoulders upright!

  10. Thanks for sharing!!

  11. My posture has suffered over the last few years with sitting slouched over the computer. 🙁

  12. This reminds me of my mom LOL. She was always telling me shoulders up, back and down. It will forever be ingrained in my head.

  13. I’ve always had good posture, it’s the one thing my dad stressed.

  14. I have horrible posture, I should probably make this infographic my screen saver!

  15. I need to work on my posture since I’m on the computer alot.

  16. I definitely need to work on my posture!

  17. back ache for me would be the main reason

  18. This is great to learn when young and develop good habits.

  19. I try to stay aware of my posture but it’s so hard since I work at the computer all day. I just did the wall thing. there was less than 2 inches from the small of my back but from my neck I had about 3 maybe even 4 inches gap 🙁

  20. I have terrible posture. I need to read this regularly, lol.

  21. Great guide!

  22. I have such bad posture–I blame my laptop!

  23. Those are great tips, thanks!

  24. Great tips. I have trouble remembering to straighten up.

  25. great tips! I really have to work at keeping up with good posture – it’s hard!

  26. Sitting at at computer all day certainly doesn’t help with keeping good posture. I find I’m always leaning over the desk. Thanks for the reminder to keep away of what my posture is doing to my body.

  27. Great information! My chiro would wholeheartedly agree!!

  28. I’ve really been working on mine lately. Do you know who has the most insane posture? Robert Downey Jr. Sorry – random but true!

  29. Yeah, I am totally guilty. &It’s not intentional, and I actually DO pay attention- but I’m stuck in that cycle. I already have back pain, which makes me slouch, which gives me more pain, which makes me slouch more. Sigh.

  30. I’m not a role model for good posture. I slump a lot when I’m sitting. Not good.

  31. I used to have great posture (people would comment on it) but my mom recently told me I’m starting to slouch…thanks for the reminder!!