Tropical Storm Beryl Go Away!

When we moved to Jacksonville, we were told that Hurricanes never come to that area. It’s been years since that area had a Hurricane.

While this is not a Hurricane it could potentially become one over night! Great! Three months after we move, we get Tropical Storm Beryl!


What’s worse it we are out of town and scheduled to come back in tomorrow, Monday, right when the storm will be there. I really do not want to drive in this weather. Thankfully we have wonderful neighbors who moved all of our outside furniteur and plants inside.



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  1. I hear you, we are not in love with the idea of it being here either. Really wish it would move on.

  2. This stupid rain has ruined my entire weekend! 🙁

  3. It seems too early for this!

  4. Oh no, I’ve been worried about you and other friends there. Be careful driving Anne.

  5. Stay safe!! I have family in Jacksonville too.

  6. I’m so glad your neighbors moved your stuff inside- be super safe & don’t drive if it’s dangerous!!!

  7. Hope you’re having a safe trip, and that this storm doesn’t amount to much.

  8. Drive safe! I hope it doesn’t turn to a hurricane.

  9. Wow, Beryl is a unique name! I wonder how they choose?

  10. Be careful!! I’m so sorry!

  11. Robyn E says:

    Be safe and prayers are with all of you !

  12. Ugh, stay safe.

  13. That is scary. Hopefully it will pass you up.

  14. Oh no! Yay for nice neighbors.

  15. I couldn’t imagine living anywhere close to a potential natural disaster. Just seeing all of the horror on TV creeps me out. Stay safe please!

  16. Stay safe!

  17. Yikes, stay safe! We have tornadoes here.

  18. hope things fizzled out and all is well

  19. Oh my goodness – scary! People talk about us having earthquakes in California but I can’t imagine going through annual hurricane seasons! I hope you arrive safely and weather the storm well.

  20. I hope you stay dry and safe.