How to Transport Your Outdoor Gear – Guest Post

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Every nature enthusiast has their favorite outdoor exploration gear. For some it’s a mountain bike, for others, a kayak. Many outdoor activities require equipment, which can sometimes make transportation a challenge. Find out how to transport your gear, and get on your way to your next outdoor adventure.


                                                                                                           Roof racks

A common place to store outdoor gear is the roof of your vehicle. Many cars and SUVs come equipped with a roof rack, which makes attaching an apparatus of your own easier. Here are a few versions of the roof rack, and what they can hold:

  • Bike rack: Roof-mounted bike racks can carry several bicycles without obstructing your trunk. Since they add a few feet of height to your vehicle, be careful when going under low passes.
  • Ski rack: Downhill and cross country skis are long, which makes them difficult to pack in the trunk. The roof rack allows you to store them above the car without significantly altering your vehicle’s profile.
  • Kayak rack: Like skis, kayaks are much too large for the trunk. A kayak roof rack is the best way to get your craft to the head of a river.
  • Multipurpose car roof storage: For smaller outdoor gear, consider a car rooftop storage container. These containers can hold everything from tents to climbing gear, and effectively give you the space of a second trunk.

Trunk racks

Many of the more affordable outdoor gear racks are mounted on the trunk of your vehicle. They are more easily accessible than roof racks, but restrict access to your vehicle’s trunk. Here are a few trunk rack options:

  • Bike rack: This rack can hold several bicycles for easy transport. Be mindful of the bike tires, which may protrude on either end of the vehicle and make your car wider than normal. It’s a good idea to place a sock or other cover over your bike pedal so it doesn’t scratch your vehicle.
  • Hitch: Though not technically a trunk rack since it is attached to your vehicle, a hitch can drastically increase your cargo space. Make sure your trailer is compliant with state and local Department of Transportation regulations, including functional brake lights and turn signals.


Before leaving for your outdoor adventure, make sure that your car is covered by vehicle insurance. To find coverage options that will keep your outdoor gear safe and your vehicle protected, compare several auto insurance quotes before deciding on a provider.


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  1. We have a minivan which is amazing for storage but we do need a bike rack now for our mountain biking adventures. Thanks for the great info 🙂


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