Pregnancy Beauty Advice: Treatment and Prevention of Stretch Marks

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The reality is, stretch marks are probably a price you’re going to have to pay for bringing your baby into the world; however, there are certain precautions you can take to prevent and treat these unwanted scars. Pregnant women are said to have a glow about them when they are expecting, but you may not be feeling so beautiful with all the weight gain and the hormonal havoc your baby is causing. Remember that although you may dislike these stretch marks, they are a natural process in pregnancy, and as such, should be accepted.


Stretch marks are caused by your skin being pulled further than its elasticity allows. The tears can cause permanent marks. Often, prevention is the best approach.

Preventative Measures 

There are a few things you can do during pregnancy to make sure that your body comes out as unmarked as possible. Follow these guidelines to minimise the effects of skin stretching:

Keep Hydrated

This is important for everyone, but especially pregnant women. Hydrated skin stops shrinkage and drying which leads to stretch marks. Drinking lots of water will keep your skin smooth and as elastic as possible, so you can accommodate for your baby.




Now that you’ve taken care of your inner hydration, your outer skin needs some attention. Use natural creams and lotions two or three times a day on your body. Some quality salon supplies within the UK cater specifically for pregnant women looking to keep stretch marks at bay. Keep away from anything that is full of chemicals – you don’t want anything that could potentially harm your baby.


Keep At a Healthy Weight

The temptation is to go food mad whilst pregnant, and although it is highly important that you do not deprive yourself or your baby of vital nutrients, a balanced diet will stop you putting on too much weight too soon. Eat lean proteins, vegetables, nuts, and beans, as they all provide so many important nutrients, and don’t contain substances that will make you pile on the pounds.

Rapid weight gain is a sure-fire way of getting stretch marks – children that put on weight quickly during their formative years will come out of adolescence with their own stretch marks, so this problem isn’t exclusive to pregnant women. Avoid foods high in sugar, fat, and refined carbohydrates. Lightly exercising may also be a viable method of staying healthy, but make sure you talk to your doctor first about whether exercise is safe for you.


Yes, ladies, this is an opportunity for you to get down to that spa, completely free of guilt. Massage, especially body treatments that are specifically catered to pregnant women, can be a lifesaver for aching backs and struggling skin. Working the tissue promotes elasticity and regeneration, so go and enjoy yourself.

Care For Your Skin After Pregnancy

Do not lose weight very quickly after pregnancy or you will gain stretch marks. Take weight loss slowly and keep up skin beauty treatments. Treat stretch marks whilst they’re fresh with creams and ointments that contain vital vitamins and minerals for stretch mark reduction.



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    Thanks for the great advice! The only thing I tried when I was pregnant was using cocoa butter but it didn’t help

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