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Last week I attended a webinar sponsored by AT&T regarding Mobile Safety. There were three webinars all together based on your child’s age. I choose the 12-14 age group since my son just turned 12. After attending the webinar I felt kinda bad. I never really talked to my son about all things I need to. Bullying, sexting and privacy. Thankfully I don’t need to talk too much about texting while driving yet. Hunter is several years away from this.

AT&T has some great tips on Mobile Safety. They want to provide tips and tools to help families stay connected and safe. Check out the website for more information.

Did you know that the average age a child gets a phone is 12? The average age to get a smart phone is 13.8. Really? I guess if Hunter can have a smart phone and no data, but I’m not ready to pay a data plan for my son. He has an iPod and can do lots of stuff on there.

So what do parents worry about the most? Texting and driving. While my son has a way to go to drive, he could be in the car of someone who is texting while driving. That’s a scary thought for sure. He’s getting to be that age where his friends or friend’s siblings will be driving.

Another big concern is bullying. One in five children have received a mean text. I just don’t get bullying, but I really need to talk to my son about this.

And let’s not forget sexting or sending explicit pictures via phone. Almost half kids surveyed said they received a picture or text their parents would not like because it was too sexual.

I listened to other moms who routinely check their child’d phone. While I have not done this in a while, I think I will start to be more consistent. 90% f children say ot’s okay that their parents check their phones.

Right now my son’s only use for his phone is for us to reach him when he’s out and about. I know this will change and we will change rules and limitations as well.

I really learned a lot and know I need to re-access the above topics with my son.


I will be hosting a get together with other moms and discussing Mobile Safety and who knows, maybe I’ll lern some new tips!

If you get a chance –  AT&T Mobile Safety Twitter party on November 9th at 2p ET! The hashtag is #ATTMobileSafety, and here is the Twtvite for more information:


When did you get your child a cell phone? Is it a smart phone?


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  1. My kids aren’t getting one ANY time soon

  2. That seems SUPER young!!! We aren’t even close!


  4. My kids are def not going one anytime soon!

  5. We will not get phones for our kids for years….

  6. I never thought about this since my children do not have phones yet. but it is good to know in advance

  7. Thanks for sharing these mobile safety tips! Going to try to make it to the Twitter party =)

  8. I refused for my oldest son to have a cell phone. We don’t even own a cell phone as adults (I HATE them) so I see no reason a child needs one. His dad bought him one and sent it here paying the bill for it-grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. When it broke because he didn’t care for it I had a LONG conversation about what would happen with the next phone if dad who sees him a few times a year decides to go over my head again 😀

  9. Karen Medlin says:

    I did get the tween a cell phone.just a basic to call home for emergencies.. no smart phone for the kids.

  10. Jennifer Clay says:

    I don’t think I am going to get my girls a cell phone. :/ too much stress

  11. Our oldest just got a cell phone again. We had him one when he was 10 but never really needed it. Now that he has more practices and is more social I thought it was time. He is 13.