Some space-saving home office options

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Working at home is hard at the best of times, and it’s even worse when you’re the one expected to keep everything tidy. Trying to keep everything organized in your office at home takes a bit of ingenuity – plus you need to make sure you’re keeping on top of everything otherwise it can all get too much.

Here are a few tips I’ve been using to make sure everything stays livable and workable:

1. Keep the stuff you use to hand

Putting things away is important – putting the things you’re going to use again tomorrow underneath things that you’re not is just wasting space and time. It’s worth investing in a desk tidy for pens etc., and if you’re dealing with lots of paper you should keep some drawers in the room. Paper is so thin, but it’s amazing how much surface space it can take up.

2. Don’t buy bulky furniture

I wouldn’t say don’t buy tables and chairs that suit your style and look good in your home if they’re big and bulky – just try not to buy chunky furniture for your office. Things like stackable office chairs and folding desks can save loads of space when you’re not using them, without taking up the whole room while you are. It’s been a while since we moved in (nearly a year!), and I remember climbing over everything before we unpacked it – being able to pack things back up is still really helpful now!

3. Don’t buy things you don’t need

It doesn’t matter whether it’s on sale – even if you think it might be helpful – if you don’t think you would use it, then don’t buy it. It’s a waste of your money, and it’s only going to end up taking up more space. Things like scanners when you’re not going to scan anything, fax machines (nobody faxes anymore) or a shredder (you could just burn receipts etc.) are bulky, take up much needed work space, and never really pay for themselves.


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  1. I’m a clutter bug so I don’t even know what to say about fixing that! You should see my desk right now! (My pencil cup is tidy though.) lol

  2. I absolutely love those orange chairs!! Stackable chairs are a must for us- we have a small house

  3. Definitely don’t buy things you don’t need. I had a bad habit of picking up stuff on sale and then never using it.

  4. These are great tips. We are remodeling and made a small office out of our old sun room so I’ve been looking for suggestions on how to best utilize the space. Thanks!

  5. That entire office you have pictured is awesome. I could get a lot done in there.

    So true about not getting bulky furniture. It is a simple tip that makes a huge difference.

  6. Love the mismatched chairs in the same color.

  7. Great ideas. I can always use tips for making more space where there is none.

  8. Good tips! I need to declutter my home office, thankfully it’s now a separate room from rest of house though!

  9. I’m constantly trying to keep away the clutter, I don’t like it one bit but I always seem to have a cluttered desk.

  10. Great ideas. Right now I spend most of my time in the living room on my computer.

  11. I love simplicity and paring down. Thanks for the tips.

  12. Thanks for the wonderful tips!

  13. I love that home office in that picture! It’s beautiful.

  14. Truth, especially #3!

  15. I am soooo guilty of just buying things i don’t need b/c they are on sale. Hence my entire bin of post it notes that I never use. I frequently find myself doing the walk of shame (to the return counter!) LOL!

  16. Great advice- I use the desk that my fiancee’s parents got him in high school & it is HUGE and bulky. We probably use 1/2 of it, maybe. I wish we had something smaller so it would take up less room!

  17. Great tips. I’m working on my office now so I’ll have to keep these in mind.

  18. Great ideas! We got rid of a scanner a few years ago because we never used it and now we have the need for one again but have found much smaller versions than the bulky one we had.

  19. I totally need help with my home office–I straighten things up and a day later, it’s already disorganized!

  20. I need to work on putting things away, clutter is everywhere around my laptop and it slows me down!