What Happens When…

A few weeks ago we were watching the movie Raising Helen. It’s about a young career women, whose sister dies and during the reading of the will, she is picked to raise her sister’s three children. It was a very touching movie, I think I cried.


But I started thinking about what would happened to my children. I’ve been married 16 years, raised a set of children and we are on our second set of children. In all of those years, my husband and I never had a will picked put. We never picked someone to raise our children, if something should happened to us. My husband has a small life insurance policy that was larger when he was an active firefighter, but was reduced when he retired. I never got a policy on myself.

I think I’ve been over thinking this whole thing, but maybe not. Now I’m a bit freaked out about it. Who would I choose? What would happen to them. How would one spouse pay all the bills if one of us were gone?

I think after Thanksgiving, I’m going to look into life insurance policies and see how much they cost. My husbands will be more since he has MS.

I did ask my cousin if she would take my children, but she has to talk to her husband, as it is a big decision to make. I also need to talk to my sister in law and ask about her taking my children. I think either choice would be great. Of course I pray it’s never needed.

I feel this is so important but I guess the thought of it is scary.


Do you have life insurance? Do you have a guardian for your children?




Inspired by Genworth Financial.



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  1. We don’t like to think of these things, but it is so important to be prepared.

  2. We do have life insurance but we need to upgrade it ASAP. We really need a will. We have three children and we have chosen people to raise them but nothing is official–it is a priority to get that done.

    Thanks for the reminder!

  3. I used to sell life insurance, so we have a lot of that…but I have never been able to decide on a guardian. I guess now that my oldest is 20, I could put him down (if he’s willing).

  4. I’, not sure why but we don’t have any of this set up. We need life insurance, a will, ect. It’s so stressful to set it all up for me though

  5. Oh this is so difficult to think about isn’t it? But very important for our children’s sake too.

  6. Yes, we have life insurance and we’re in the process of getting a will set up. So important! It’s good to think about it once a year or so (to see if you need to add more insurance coverage) and then forget it the rest of the time.

  7. We have life insurance and a will is in progress. I am the youngest of 8 and my sister Debbie died very suddenly and unexpectedly at 32- so all of us kind of learned from their lack of planning just how important it is. We have health directives in place, too, at 37 and 38. You just never know what may happen. 🙁

    Kind of makes you really be thankful for things for Thanksgiving!

  8. We set up a will and guardianship of our kids as soon as the first one was born. We picked out a large life insurance policy for my husband and a smaller one for me. Thankfully, we are prepared but I hope it is never needed.

  9. It’s definitely important to be prepared. Good for you for carefully considering guardianships for your children. Although there’s a very very remote chance they will ever be needed – thank goodness! – it’s still important to have plans in place.

  10. We do have life insurance through my hubby’s work