Why your children want you to have life insurance




This is partnered guest post.

If you want to do something for your kids, in most cases you’ll probably go through with it. You might want to organise a party for them or maybe take them on a day trip when they’re young, but what about when they reach adulthood? As the whole family gets older, the time to think about what the future holds comes into view. You might want to leave something behind as a legacy for them, especially if you worry about how they’ll cope financially if you or your spouse were to pass away.

Life insurance helps to put all those questions at bay, but how? If you or your partner dies for whatever reason, the life insurance policy pays out a cash lump sum, benefitting whoever’s named as the main beneficiary/beneficiaries. You could ask for the money to go your kids, which could be a form of parting gift. It doesn’t cost too much either, as you only have to make a small regular payment on a weekly or monthly basis in order to keep your policy going. If you compare life insurance with Choosi, you could save money.

Any pay-out from a life insurance policy could pay for so much. It could meet the cost of a funeral service; go towards any basic living costs or even towards any repayment of outstanding debts that you have left behind. There are even specific life insurance life insurance policies that can help to pay off the remainder of a mortgage or provide regular payments which can help young children cope financially over a certain amount of time.

As with health insurance, it’s important to have some form of back-up plan. You want to make sure that your kids will be prepared for the worst happening, and if they have the finances to meet any costs involved in your passing, they will be able to get on with the process of mourning your death and remembering you for everything you did for them during your lifetime. Life insurance can also provide you peace of mind, knowing they can afford your funeral and any other expenses if you depart.


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  1. I’ve heard a lot of talk about life insurance lately. My husband and I don’t have it but we are definitely looking into the options out there

  2. My husband and I both have life insurance but I know my in laws don’t. I really wish they’d see the peace of mind that having life insurance would bring to their surviving spouse.

  3. Not pleasant to think about, but so important. Thanks for this info.

  4. This is something that I keep stressing to my hubby about… I think parents really should have it.

  5. We have this. and we agree absolutely that it is so so important!

  6. This is so important even for adults with adult children. No one should be saddled with your funeral expenses!

  7. This is very important!

  8. It is so important!

  9. I used to work for a life insurance agent, and let me tell you, I saw firsthand how badly survivors needed their parents/spouses to have insurance!

  10. My husband and I were just talking about getting me life insurance (he already has partial). Thank you for sharing this