Rise of the Guardians


I was given the opportunity to review the movie Rise of the Guardians, now out on DVD and Blu-Ray. I had wanted to see it in the theaters, but never got the chance. Instead of just the movie, I was sent a box full of goodies too!

But first, my review of the movie. I wasn’t sure if my daughter would like it, so my hubby and I planned to watch it by ourselves, but Savannah came out curiously and stayed for the whole movie. Pitch, or the boogyman, does not want to be on the backburner anymore. He wants to be known to all the children and take over the world. The Guardians, which consist of Santa, the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny and Sandman must fight Pitch to protect the children. But the Man in the Moon says there is another Guardian that must help, Jack Frost. Only Jack is not a Guardian yet. They must all work together to protect the hopes, beliefs and the imagination of children all over.
We all thought it was a great  movie. Savannah hid her eyes a few times when Pitch came on the screen. I think this would be good for all ages and a great movie to watch together as a family.

Now onto the rest of my goodies….



I made an Easter basket with everything that was sent to us. The movie is being sold with 2 wind up toys eggs. I didn’t understand this until I saw the movie. (The eggs walk) The big tote bag in the back is pretty cool looking. There’s a night light and tattoos and candy.


Included was a flower pot that Savannah took out the paper and colored the pictures and them we planted the Forget Me Nots. Then she watered them with the watering can that came with it.

She is waiting patiently to see the flowers come up.


Isn’t she cute with bunny ears?

This movie would be a perfect Easter gift!!



I received the above products to review. Opinions are my own.


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  1. Looks like a cute movie!

  2. We loved this movie! And your daughter is the cutest girl I’ve ever seen in bunny ears!

  3. This movie looks cute. And, your daughter planting her plants? Adorable.

  4. This was such a great movie!

  5. My daughter saw this with her Girl Scout Troop back when it was in theaters. She really liked the Jack Frost character!

  6. almost bought this today.

  7. What a great gift idea! I haven’t seen the movie yet, I need to check it out!

  8. My son is dying to see this. Maybe we will pick it up for Easter.

  9. I LOVE the bunny ears, too cute.

  10. My son has been wanting to see this movie, we’ll have to pick it up!

  11. I’m going to pick this up for the kids tomorrow it should be a great family feature

  12. My son just LOVED this movie in the theater!

  13. I want this.

  14. we went out and bought the movie and adore it! it’s super cute.

  15. The kids watched the movie and enjoyed it.