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Another great Sunday read. The Best Man by Kristan  Higgins. I read this book in a weekend. Of course I think I read all day Sunday. It was light, funny and romantic. Perfect to read at the beach or by the pool or in your comfy bed. I loved the characters! There was some quite a selection of them for sure.

I’ve included an except and guest post for you to enjoy!


Sounds okay to me,’ Pru said.

‘Yeah, well you’re Prudence Vanderbeek.’ 

‘And?’ Pru said amiably, chewing in Faith’s ear. 

‘Clint and Faith Bundt. It’s just…off.’

‘Okay, then break up with him. Or take him to court and force him to change his name. Listen, I gotta go. It’s bedtime for us farm folk.’

‘Okay. Give the kids a hug for me.’ Faith said. ‘Tell Abby I’ll send her that link to the shoes she asked about. And tell Ned he’s still my little bunny, even if he is technically an adult.

‘Ned!’ her sister bellowed. ‘Faith says you’re still her little bunny.’ 

‘Yay,’ came her nephew’s voice.

‘Gotta go kid,’ said Pru. ‘Hey, you coming home for harvest?’ 

‘I think so. I don’t have another installation for awhile.’ While Faith made a decent living as a landscape designer, most of her work was done on the computer. Her presence was only required for the last part of the job. Plus, grape harvest at Blue Heron was worth a visit home.

Great!’ Pru said. ‘Listen, ease up on the guy, have fun, talk soon, love you.’

‘Love you too.’

Faith took another pull of Red Bull. Pru had a point. Her oldest sibling had been happily married for twenty three years, after all. And who else was going to give her romantic advice? To Honor, her other sister, if you weren’t calling from the hospital, you were wasting her time. Jack was their brother and thus useless on these matters. And Dad…well Dad was still in mourning for Mom, who’d been gone for nineteen years.


Guest Post:

Where do you find inspiration for your writing? Other books and authors, long walks, meditation?

I think the primary form of inspiration for me is eavesdropping! I love hearing people’s stories, and eavesdropping is a family skill. Every person has a great story, whether it’s tumultuous or sweetly simple. Wherever I am—the train, the bakery, a ball game, the kids’ school—I inevitably end up asking personal questions. “How’d you meet your spouse?” “Five kids? Wow! Do you come from a big family?” “Why did you decide to move here?” I think curiosity about people is the best quality a writer can have. Nosiness, we might call it.


Every person has some kind of coping mechanism that both helps and hinders them in dealing with challenges. Remember Scarlett O’Hara? “I can’t think about that today. I’ll think about that tomorrow. After all, tomorrow is another day.”  That way of thinking allowed her to get through some incredibly difficult times…and it kept her from seeing a lot of what happened around her, sometimes to her detriment. I love exploring that kind of thing.


Taking a long walk alone is a great way for me to solidify story lines and conflicts. I talk to myself a lot…constantly muttering, laughing or weeping (sometimes all three at once). My family’s used to it by now, as are some of the neighbors. I don’t get the concerned glances and phone calls I once did. ; )


Definitely, I get inspiration from other books, movies, TV shows. I love stories, in whatever form they’re told. Sometimes I’ll read or see something and say, “You know, I would’ve handled that differently. That was a little too easy.”  And I’ll get thinking about it, twist it and turn it, and every once in a while, that becomes a story. And sometimes, I’ll read something so perfect that I’ll think, “I wish I wrote that.” That’s the kind of book I carry around in my heart for a good long time, and the kind that makes me want to be a better writer.

As for other types of inspiration, there’s always falling in love! That never hurts when you write romance. Granted, in real life, I have the greatest husband, and we’re very happy together. But part of my job requires me to fall for some other guy about two times a year, and that can happen from a picture, or a sentence, or a story on the news. Celebrity crushes come in very handy at times like this.









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