Disney’s Teen Beach Movie


I received a DVD for review.

Since I guess May or was it April, my daughter has been wanting to watch the movie, Teen Beach Movie. Disney started promoting it very early and the anticipation was getting to her. Then Starting in July we were counting down the days to July 19th when it would be aired on TV. The TIVO’s were set and we were showered and ready to watch this new Disney movie!!

Think Grease, West Side Story and Beach Blanket Bingo or any of those old Frankie and Annette movies.

The first thing I noticed was the movie was dedicated to Annette Funicello who passed away this past April. The movie starts off in modern day with Brady (Ross Lynch) and McKenzie (Maia Mitchell) have the best summer ever. But McKenzie must leave early to go to school with her aunt. But beore she leaves McKenzie wants to ride the biggest wave of the summer and somehow She and Brady get transferred back in time to Brady’s favorite beach movie, Wet Side Story. Here the bikers and the surfers are about to get into a rif and Brady and McKenzie are trying to find a way out of the movie. Brady is loving being on the movie and all the singing and dancing. McKenzie not so much.

This was a very cute movie and I love all the music and dancing. It does get a bit cheesy at times – the slumber party and then McKenzie is dressed in black leather – think Grease. But the best thing is my daughter LOVES it! We’ve have it playing almost every day since.

The DVD will be available for purchase July 30th in stores. It includes behind the scenes rehearsal footage of the musical numbers.

Check out this video from the movie!



Have you seen Teen Beach Movie? What do you think?









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  1. Those Disney teen movies usually are pretty cheesy, you’re right, but they’re still entertaining!

  2. This looks like a cute movie for teens! Love that it reminds you of those musicals!

  3. No, I haven’t seen it. If it is a remake of the original it should be wholesome and good.

  4. We love this movie. It’s like the new High School Musical and my kids were going nuts when it came on!

  5. Ack, so fun, a guilty pleasure movie!

  6. My nieces are obsessed with this movie!

  7. Okay, it was cute. It did have some elements of the beach movies of the 60s. Definitely a fun movie!

  8. We didn’t see it, but I did see trailers for it and thought it was pretty cute for the tween group!

  9. We have already seen it twice thanks to our DVR and my girls still want to watch it on a daily basis!

  10. I love movies like this even though it’s technically not marketed towards adults. 🙂 Looks like a great one.

  11. I loved the cheesiness of it, had me cracking up!