Weight Loss is Hard After 40

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 (This picture was taken last year. I was asked by a friend if I was pregnant…)


I’ve been trying to lose weight most of my life. I’m a size 8-10 and have been for a while. The highest I got was a size 12. Not bad. I would be happy at a size 8 -10 if I didn’t have my tummy. I joined a the WW program a few months ago and love the online program for keeping track of what you eat and how much you exercise. I feel weird about talking to others about it because I only need to lose like 10-15 pounds. I lost 5 pounds and then gained a few back during vacation even though I was very picky about what I ate and still exercised while away.

I’m tempted to try other programs but I really want to just eat healthy and exercise but it seems like that’s not good enough for my over 40 body! It’s so much harder after 40. Last year I had three people ask me if I was pregnant!! Really?

So I’ve been researching weight loss after 40 and I’m doing most everything. Watching what I eat, eating smaller meals more often, walking or exercise videos and lots of water. I would love to just take a weight loss pill but worry about side effects. The only thing I lack is using weights more often. I do use them with my videos but I prefer to walk. I’ve been looking closely at herbal weight loss.
I guess my biggest issue is my belly fat! I want to get rid of belly fat. Doesn’t every woman? I will continue to eat better and do my sits and hope that my 10 pounds will slowly come off.

Does anyone have tips for the over 40 crowd?


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  1. Ugh. I’m dreading the battle. The only reason I’m still thin at 31 is because I’m nursing. As soon as Gus is weaned I’ll probably have to go Paleo. You can’t keep weight on eating like that!

  2. I hate my stomach! I’m not overweight, but I always feel I look it because I can’t get rid of the tummy bump. There are days I feel like I still look a little preggo, and I was asked if I was well after Nick was born (and the next day I found that I had finally finished loosing all of the extra pregnancy weight). There should be a law that you can’t ask a woman if she’s pregnant because of how her stomach looks! I’m not anywhere near 40 yet either :-/.

  3. Good luck with your weight loss. I am nearing 40 too and have always struggled with my weight. I have had quite a bit of success when I use myfitnesspal to calculate my caloric intake. It helps you determine what you need calories wise and it helps hold you accountable. I wish you continued success with Weight Watchers, it is a great program.

  4. It’s so true that it gets harder with age. I find that I have to surprise my body by doing things I don’t normally do and that kinda shocks it into getting past those walls we seem to hit.

  5. I never had trouble with my weight until after I had my son, I was almost 39 when I had him. So after a year of breastfeeding, I was almost 40. Now at 48, I can tell you it is extremely tough to lose weight. I’ve lost 23+ pounds over the last 10 months with about 10-12 pounds to go, but it has been tough. I carry my extra weight in my belly, too. I try to keep track of the calories I eat, and exercise at least 2-3 times a week. Good luck to you!

  6. I am 50 and I lost 25 pounds and have kept it off for the last year. I really watch the carbs and eat a lot of meat and veggies. I have been able to reintroduce carbs at breakfast and some at lunch. The low carbs seemed to really jump start my metabolism.

  7. I have a really hard time losing weight &I’m 24, so I am NOT looking forward to getting older & having it be even harder.

  8. I am in the over 30 crowd and I find it very hard as well.

  9. I like being within the 8-10 size range. Otherwise, I look sickly. Even before having children, I have always had a little bit of a tummy, but I’ve read where corset training or waist cinchers help out a lot. For the past few weeks, I’ve been using a waist cincher by Hourglass Angel and have been noticing a difference in my tummy area lately.

  10. I completely agree with you – I’ll be 40 this year, and this is the hardest time I’ve ever had losing weight! I find for myself that eating three proper meals and 1 snack is the way to go, otherwise I tend to overindulge. Also I try and exercise everyday (key word there being TRY), even if it’s only for 10 minutes.

  11. I don’t have any tips but just wanted to wish you the best of luck. Losing weight is NEVER easy.