10 Jewelry Storage Tips

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With proper care and storage, jewelry can be protected from damage or loss, while still remaining accessible for everyday use. Below are 10 storage tips on how to keep jewelry safe and beautiful for years to come.

Protect Against All Types of Danger
If left unsecured, expensive jewelry may be stolen or damaged by any number of factors. Storing jewelry in a safe is the best way to protect it against a variety of hazards, including theft, fire, and flooding.

Maintain Climate Control
Although most precious metals and gemstones stand up well to warmth and humidity, some materials, such as silver, are prone to tarnishing if left exposed to air and moisture. Properly storing jewelry in a climate controlled environment can prevent the need for regular cleanings and keep jewelry ready to wear at any time.

Store with Care
Valuable jewelry shouldn’t be piled into a jewelry box, but instead stored in a way that prevents damage and preserves the beauty and integrity of each piece. Every piece of jewelry should have its own space to prevent it from touching or rubbing against other pieces and becoming scratched.

Easy Access
Storing jewelry in a safe at home instead of in a bank vault keeps it close by so that it can be accessed whenever the owner would like to wear it.

Make Copies
Many jewelry owners choose to have a high-quality copy made of an extremely valuable piece of jewelry. The copy can then be worn or displayed while the priceless original is stored in a secure location.

Silence is Golden
Although it may be tempting to talk about a great collection of jewelry, a jewelry owner never knows when their words might tip off a potential thief. Even a seemingly innocent comment to a co-worker or acquaintance could reach the ear of someone willing to seize an opportunity.

Take Inventory
A jewelry collection that is stored for a long period of time, especially in an unsecured location, could be pilfered and the theft could not be discovered for a significant period of time. Performing a regular inventory can tell a jewelry owner if something is missing immediately instead of months later. Keep a detailed list and store it in a secure location.

Keep Photographs
Taking the time to make clear photographs of each valuable piece or set of jewelry is a great way to enhance a written inventory and make it easier to locate jewelry that is lost or stolen.

Use a Decoy
No matter what storage method is used, many home security experts recommend keeping a cheap jewelry box filled with flashy, inexpensive costume jewelry in a visible location. An opportunistic thief usually does not take the time to do a detailed appraisal.
Insure Against Loss
Insuring valuables is always a good idea, even if other protective methods are also utilized. In most cases, a valuable collection of jewelry must be insured on a separate rider to a standard homeowner’s policy, so any valuable jewelry pieces or collections should be mentioned to a trusted insurance agent.

A person who spends years building a beautiful jewelry collection or who inherits heirloom jewelry from relatives should take the time to make sure that his or her collection is stored properly. A home jewelry safe, backed up by a good insurance policy, is one of the most effective ways to store a valuable jewelry collection.


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  1. These are such great tips. I have my jewelry scattered all over the house so thanks for the helpful tips! I can try to get organized now.

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  10. The copy thing was always funny to me…if you want to be safe, why even wear the copy that someone might rob you for? And why have jewelry you don’t want to wear? I’m laughing because I know a woman who did this with her HUGE engagement ring, and I never understood why she wanted it so darned big if she never wore it.

  11. Great tips! I’ll definitely have to start photographing my pieces!

  12. my jewelry is all over the place. I know I need to store it better I just don’t 🙁 Thanks for the tips

  13. I need to do a better job storing mine. I’m awful about it.

  14. I take precautions when wearing jewelry and insure anything of value

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