Back to School Safety

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Back to school safety



School has started for some, like us or will be starting soon for others. Getting the kids ready with all their supplies and clothes is a lot of work. But we also need to go over some safety tips as well.  I found a great resource for Back to School Safety Tips.

We have a few of our own that we go over some of these several times through out the year, but as school starts it’s important to go over them again.

Teach your children your phone number and address. My five-year old rolls her eyes at me but can recite it perfectly.

I made sure to tell both of my children that only certain people can pick them up at school or the bus stop if mom or dad are not available. And of course we have a secret word that those people know about.

My twelve-year-old does not have a house key because my husband is home most of the time. But my son knows whose house he can go to if we are not home.

Check out the other tips at the site above.



What safety tips can you share?





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  1. I have to teach my son to avoid any adults that ask him for help (because adults don’t need a child’s help)…ack, scary stuff!

  2. We live in a bad area so my boys just don’t go anywhere without us yet. But we work on not talking to adults you don’t and never leaving somewhere without telling us

  3. Tip: Don’t have child’s name embroidered or written on his/her backpack. Initials are okay, but not the name. It helps to minimize ways that strangers can call out to a child and pretend to know him/her.

  4. I have gone over all the different safety information with my oldest who is 13 and waits behind the school for us to pick him up each day. It is on a public road though, so if we are late, I want him to know what to do, and what he should to if he is ever approached by anyone.

  5. Don’t talk to stranger, that’s always my #1.

  6. We are going through all this now!

  7. I’ve talked to my children about who to go to in an emergency, but I think we can still go over some safety tips.

  8. I never thought about creating a safe house for your kids with neighbors. This is an excellent idea.

  9. thankfully we live just a few houses down from my husband’s high school friends so my daughter knows if for some reason she can’t get in our home she can go there.

  10. name address phone number taught in a rhyme can make it really easy for kids to remember

  11. These are great safety tips. I’ve talked to my kids plenty about safety as we live in a big city filled with crazies and you can’t be too careful.

  12. We did all of this with our older kids but luckily, in this case, our three youngest are special needs and/or developmental delays so they get handed to us directly from their class teacher or aide.

  13. My son has never been home alone. He’s only 10 (and a boy) plus we live where neighbors are super close, so either my husband or myself are always home with him, and we always pick him up — he’s never ridden the school bus to or from school.

  14. I drop off and pick my daughter up from school everyday, but I am teaching her about avoiding strangers and what to do if she’s approached.

  15. This is such a good reminder. You can never really be too safe.

  16. I don’t let my son walk to school or ride the bus, but I still teach him the importance about safety and not talking to strangers. I also got him a device called GreatCall in case he ever gets in a bad situation.

  17. I walk my daughter to and from school and we have to constantly go over jut sidewalk and crossing the street safety.

  18. A safety tip is to teach your kids stranger danger and to never go with anyone that they don’t know.

  19. We had a secret word too when I was growing up! I need to start one with my four year old.

  20. These are very important tips. We always had a safe word when I was little.

  21. Wonderful tips and I always use the back to school season for an updated stranger danger conversation.