Fifty Shades of Earl Grey – How to Make the Perfect Cuppa

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Do you put the bag in before the water, the sugar before the milk, leave the bag in for a period of time or just give it a quick squeeze? Whatever your method of making a cup of tea, someone else always seems to do it slightly differently.


This leaves us scratching our heads and wondering if there is actually a “correct” method of making the perfect brew. You don’t need a lot to make one – a mug, tea bag and hot water are the only essentials, with milk and sugar or sweetener optional extras – but there does appear to be a scientific approach to making a cup of tea for some people.


So how do you actually make the perfect cuppa?


To start with, you need a good kettle or teapot, so take a look at The Co-operative Electrical Shop online if you need a new kettle; they have a range of manufacturers and sizes. The choice of tea bags is all down to you. Some people like the flavoured teas, others just like a certain brand, but it all comes down to taste. The next bit is all about science, (apparently).


Researchers have found, (yes there have actually been studies into the art of making a cup of tea), that the best method is to let the tea sit for SIX MINUTES before you start to drink it. This is because, other than the obvious fact of it being too hot to drink, the temperature will have dropped to the optimum temperature, (60 degrees Celsius), to allow the flavours in the tea to fully spread through the cup.


However, this doesn’t mean you should leave it ‘brewing’ for too long, as the same studies show that the tea goes past its best flavour after seventeen minutes and thirty seconds!


The study was concluded by saying that the best method for making a cup of tea is to leave a tea bag in the mug for two minutes. Then, remove the bag and add your milk, leaving the cup until you reach the six-minute mark.


Best of all, it was revealed that the average UK-resident makes their first cup of tea aged seven-and-a-half. So parents – get teaching so you can sit back and have your brew brought to you!


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  1. So interesting that they have it all precisely timed like that. I have to admit that I don’t really wait that long before I start sipping!

  2. I enjoy a good cup of tea in the evening, but I don’t have the patience or time for the steeping and waiting, so I just use my Keurig, makes it idiot proof for me LOL.

  3. I put in the bag for about three minutes, do a few dunks and lifts, toss it and add my sugar. No milk.

  4. Yeah, I don’t think I wait that long either. I’ll time it and try to wait next time I drink a cuppa tea, though. 🙂

  5. Give me some boiling water and a tea bag, that’s it! I don’t like waiting or else I’ll get cranky!

  6. I’m totally giggling at this title.

  7. I am a tea junkie and actually went to a tea shop a couple years back to learn the proper way to brew a cuppa. Does that make me sad and pathetic or just neurotically, dorky.?

  8. I have a cup of tea every evening, although I usually don’t allow it to steep for six minutes. I’ll have to trry that and see if I can tell a difference.

  9. You learn something new everyday, 6 minutes? I am way off.

  10. Great play on words! I brew my tea in the tea kettle. After it’s finished brewing, I wait 15-20 minutes for it to cool down. I avoid adding anything such as sugar or milk, because I want to reap the full benefits and want to make it low calorie as possible. 🙂

  11. I love tea. My daughter just started to drink herbal tea.

  12. We use our Keurig for hot water for tea, but I do wish I had a regular tea kettle!