Four Steps to a Debt Free Life

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If you’re in debt it can be stressful and feel like you’ll never be able to get back in the black. However, there are a few things you can do to make life easier, including putting an end to your bad habits. Here are some actions you might want to take to simplify the process:

Pay back as much as you can

When you successfully apply for a credit card it can be tempting to splash out on new items and only pay back the minimum amount each month. While this might be ok to do in the short term, if it’s something you’re doing regularly it can cause problems. Interest rates are likely to make your outstanding balance increase fairly rapidly, so wherever possible try to pay your monthly bill in full and on time.

Avoid borrowing to pay debts

Putting yourself in more debt to pay off outstanding balances each month can cause more problems than it’s worth. If you’re struggling it’s worth contacting the lenders directly to find out if there’s anything they can do to make things easier for you. It may also be worth making a credit card comparison as shifting your existing debts to a balance transfer card can make life easier. Many of these products are interest free for a certain time period, meaning you’re not paying back more than you need to.

Check your credit report and statements

If you’re in a precarious financial situation the idea of keeping tabs on your debts might not sound like something to be enthusiastic about. But doing this is a very good idea if you want to turn things around. Being fully aware of your outgoings lets you know where savings can be made and will help to keep you on track as you make progress. With this in mind, it might also be a good idea to plan a budget so you know where you money is going. It’s also important to check everything is accurate on your file. Mistakes can happen, but if they do you should look in to them as soon as possible and get them put right.

Set targets

Staying motivated has a big part to play in whether your efforts to get out of debt are likely to prove as successful as you’d like. It’s easier to do this is you know why you want to turn things around and when you want to do this by. If reducing your debts is going to take some time then set achievable goals along the way.


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  1. Thank you for sharing these great tips. Thankfully we’ve been pretty smart and always try to pay a little bit more on our bills so we pay them off faster.

  2. We try to pay all credit cards off in full every month, but it’s realllly hard sometimes. We have racked up way too many bills lately. Hubby needs to calm down with his toys. Thanks for the tips!!!

  3. Great advice! It’s always been helpful for me to set specific goals that can easily be achieved.

  4. This is great and so important. I am so grateful to be living in my means. It is so stressful to owe everywhere!

  5. The best way to get out of debt, in my opinion, is to take a serious look at your finances and set hard goals that you’re willing to put everything in it – your heart and soul – and be willing to sacrifice some of the “nicer” things in life until you get out of debt. We worked out way completely debt free (except our mortgage) about a year ago. It took us 1 year and 2 weeks. I can’t tell you the peace it brings to not be strapped to debt!

  6. Those are great tips. We try to pay off our credit cards every month too!

  7. wonderful tips, couldn’t agree more. We don’t have any debt but the house and LOVING it… don’t use credit cards EVER… is the big KEY…

  8. Great tips! I had tons of debt a long time ago and once I caught up, I refused to have any debt at all ever again. If I couldn’t pay cash, I didn’t purchase it.

  9. These are great tips. My hubby and I recently set some targets which I think will be helpful and I am excited about our common goal!

  10. This is kinda what I did. One day I just went hardcore about getting out of debt. It took a couple of years and the first one was horrible because money was incredibly tight due to not being able to charge anymore, but after that things got looser and better and eventually it was all gone!

  11. we have only our mortgage for debt. anything else is paid in full each month. i even pay our car and homeowners insurance in full when the bill comes because i can’t stand the idea of handing them $4 a month just to pay them 12 times not 1. back in the day, i had a lot of debt. i won’t ever live like that again unless i have NO other options.

  12. After dealing with some shady student load lenders right out of college, I payed off all my credit cards and have never used any form of credit since then. This post has a lot of good advice in my opinion.

  13. I agree with these. Borrowing is NEVER a good option.

  14. These are great pieces of advice. I had quite a bit of credit card debt but setting goals and staying on top of it got me out.

  15. these are great tips and a great start to living a debt free life