Keep Your Back in Good Shape with These Health Tips

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For people with active lifestyles it is sometimes easy to push too hard and end up with back injuries. Back pain can be caused by a variety of different things, but there are many steps that can be taken to avoid or alleviate it. Doing these may even help one alleviate some persistent shoulder blade pain.



In order to minimize back pain it is important to keep posture in mind. Bad posture can be remedied with a few simple adjustments. If standing for long periods of time, keep one foot in front of the other with the knees slightly bent to take pressure off of the lower back. If possible, elevate one foot at a time on a small step stool or ladder. It is also helpful to keep the pelvis in a neutral position. When sitting, it is important to keep the knees level to or slightly above the hips to support the lower back. It is also beneficial to find a chair with good lumbar support or place a pillow in the curve of the back for support. If possible, periodically change positions to keep the back from becoming too strained. When using a tablet or smart phone always raise the device so the neck is not bent. Placing pillows beneath or between the knees when sleeping can help reduce pressure on the back as well.


Healthy Body Weight

Carrying extra weight unbalances the body’s center of gravity and puts strain on the back. It is important to stay within ten pounds of the ideal weight. This can be achieved through exercise, but it is important to find the safest exercises to practice that will not injure the back. Proper exercise, like yoga, swimming, and walking, can help with weight loss and back strain.



Pushing too hard while exercising can cause pain and serious injury, so it’s important to take things slowly. Instead of exercising for several hours one or two days a week, try working out one or two hours four or five days a week. Don’t over-exert at the gym. Start slowly and work up to big weights. Rome wasn’t built in a day.



Improper lifting technique can be very dangerous for the back. To avoid this strain try to find a partner to help lift heavy objects. If this is not possible try to push or slide the object. If lifting is the only available option, always squat down, get a solid grip on the object, and lift straight upward using the legs to do the work. Carry objects as close to the body as possible and keep the head up at all times.



There are numerous health risks linked to smoking and back pain can be worsened by the habit. Smokers tend to experience more back pain than non-smokers because nicotine restricts blood flow to the discs that cushion the spine.



This article was contributed on behalf of Gulf Coast Spine Care, the number one treatment provider for spinal stenosis.



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  1. My husband sits almost all day for his job and is always complaining of back pain. I think posture is some of his problem. Also, he doesn’t get up and walk around enough. These tips are great, I will share them with him.

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  11. Olivia Rubin says:

    I know I have been sitting too long when I stand up and have to put all my weight on one leg so I can pop my back into place. I find that when I run, al my joints feel so good

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  20. I know my posture is probably causing the majority of my back issues …. I have been trying to be better about how I sit when working to correct the problem.

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