New Movie Releases on DVD

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There are some great movies coming out on DVD.  I love going to the movies but it’s nice to have a few at home to watch on those rainy days.
We have so many DVD’s in our house and I’m sure we will get a few more for Christmas. I always get one or two for presents. One on list will be Smurfs 2. That was a great movie and can’t wait to watch it again. We do have a few that I would like to get rid of. But selling them at a yard sale just doesn’t seem right. You only get like a dollar a movie….
So what are some other options? Maybe trade with your neighbors. Host a movie/game trade party. You can also sell your DVD’s online. I think I need to get rid of few before the holidays to make room for more!
There are a few movie coming out soon that look interesting.
Epic is coming out soon. I’d love to rent it and see how we like it. I wanted to see it in the theaters but never got around to it.
Empire State with The Rock will be out soon as well. My husband wanted to see this and it does look good. I like Dwayne Johnson.
I also want to rent The Croods. My kids had no interest in it when it was out. But I’m sure they will watch it if I rent it.
What new movies are you looking forward to seeing when they come out on DVD?


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  1. I saw “Epic” at Wal-mart not too long ago — was thinking about getting it , seems interesting for the kiddos.

  2. Epic was pretty good but I haven’t seen the Croods yet. Will have to make sure to grab it when it comes out.

  3. We would like to see Empire Strike I love “The Rock” he was always my favorite wrestler.

  4. I bet my Mother In Law gets the two cartoons for my kids … so I won’t worry about rushing out for them. 😉

  5. Movies seem to come out faster & faster to DVD

  6. They’re always coming out with new ones! It’s nice to share the older ones with others.

  7. These all look like great films!

  8. I haven’t seen any of these, but I’m looking forward to watching them!

  9. We still need to see EPIC,

  10. My son wants to see Epic!

  11. I have been wanting to see The Croods!

  12. Since the ages of my children are so diverse, we rarely go out to movies together. My kids are 18, 13, 8 and 6, and even my husband and I don’t like the same types of films so buying what we like or renting is the way to go for us. We have three televisions and just as many DVD/BluRay players so everyone can watch what they want when they want. Surprisingly enough, we don’t watch that much TV.

  13. We’ve seen a lot of movies this past summer, but we not seen any of these… I know my son would love The Croods!

  14. We haven’t seen any of these yet. Good to know that they’ll all be available to rent soon!

  15. I’m looking forward to seeing The Croods and Epic. 🙂