Storage Solutions For Small Kitchens


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Just because you have a small kitchen doesn’t mean you have to miss out on style and functionality. There are some fantastic storage solutions for small kitchens out there that combine practicality with modern design and allow you to have the best of both worlds. In this guide, you’ll find the best ways to make the most of your smaller spaces without compromising on quality.


Fitted Kitchens

This is often the easiest choice when going for a new kitchen as you can tailor your furniture to suit your space. However, no matter how careful your planning is, you are often left with little gaps here and there that could be put to better use. Open shelving and slim cabinets are perfect for those narrow spaces left over and you’d be surprised at what you can fit inside.



Did you know you can get slim dishwashers these days? If you didn’t, then you are missing out – especially if you have a small kitchen. These appliances take up half as much space as regular ones, but still do their job properly. Most kitchen suppliers will be able to offer you a choice of slim-fit appliances so it is worth asking when you first start planning your kitchen.



Small kitchens are often plagued by poor lighting and this can make them feel and look even smaller. A great solution is under-cupboard lighting. These small lights are fitted on the underside of your kitchen cupboards and help illuminate your work surfaces. You can even have them fitted above your stove or in your kitchen cupboards as well, so no part of your kitchen is left in the dark.


Colour Scheme

As with most rooms, colour is an important factor when trying to make a room seem bigger and kitchens are no exception. If you want your kitchen to look bigger then go for bright, light shades such as cream, white, baby blue and yellow, in order to get as much light into the room as possible. Dark shades like red, purple, navy and charcoal should be kept to a minimum and only used in accessories or perhaps as part of a colourful tiled splash back.



Wonderfully simple but very effective, glass is a fantastic way to not only modernise your kitchen but also make it look bigger. Swap your oven door or kitchen cupboards for glass ones and any light that comes into your room from the window or door will be reflected back. This can really open up your room and help make it look much bigger than it is. Just remember to invest in a good quality glass cleaner to make sure your surfaces are always looking their best.


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  1. That kitchen looks so cozy. Sometimes the little things, or places, are the best.

  2. Great ideas! We actually have a reasonably-sized kitchen, and we still run out of room.

    One thing we did that made a huge difference was to add pull-out shelves in all of our lower cabinets. We had them professionally installed, and it has been worth every single penny we paid for them.

  3. We just replaced the lights in our kitchen to make it brighter, it’s amazing what a difference it makes in having the kitchen feel bigger and more spacious even if it’s not!

  4. I need brighter light in my kitchen. Under the counter lighting sounds like a great idea!

  5. Such great tips! I had a smaller kitchen but so thankful for a much larger one in our new place

  6. We really need to use some of these. Our house does not have nearly enough storage space, and that includes the kitchen.

  7. I’d love to get some under the cabinet lighting!

  8. My kitchen isn’t small but I have major storage issues. Planning effective storage is so important.

  9. It has been a while since I’ve had a small kitchen but these are great tips, thanks.

  10. My kitchen is very small (at least to me) and finding space is my biggest challenge. I LOVE the glass idea and I may implement that when I start renovating my kitchen.

  11. Lighting and color scheme are two great tricks of the trade. If you can get those two things you can make any space work.

  12. I’m currently down sizing to make room but I love all ur ideas

  13. I have a big kitchen with no counter or cupboard space myself!

  14. These are great for teeny kitchens!!

  15. I love these tips – I wish we had more control over the color scheme of our kitchen!

  16. We don’t have a small kitchen, but I love our under counter lighting. My MIL got us some last year that is battery operated and has motion censored. I didn’t think so much when we got them, but I’m so glad that we decided to put it up.

  17. I have such a small kitchen, so I can definitely use these tips!

  18. Those are great tips! I wish I could change the color of our counters.

  19. A project on my to-do list is to get the lighting redone in the kitchen and dining room. Ours is just horrible right now.

  20. I have a roomy kitchen, but need under the counter lighting! Great tips… for not so small kitchens too. 🙂

  21. I’ve always heard that bright, light colors can make a small room look bigger!