5 Home Office Products You Didn’t Know Existed

Standing Desk

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Do you ever have that freaky experience when you realize that  something you always believed to be true is now wrong? I don’t mean,  like, believing in dragons or anything (although dragons are totally real, they’re just misunderstood dinosaurs), but like growing up thinking Pluto was a planet and then learning that  the science people changed their minds. Or telling your high-school-aged niece that more kids take the SAT than the ACT because not all schools  accept the ACT and then finding out that you’re now wrong, on both  counts.

What I mean to say is that if you think you’re using the  best home office products, you’re probably wrong, because in the past  few years companies started launching all kinds of new things that none  of us know exist because we’re too busy checking Facebook. Or something.

So here are the top five home office tools you’ve never heard of, that you should be using RIGHT NOW:

1. Leg Cord Managers

Yes, we’ve all seen the lifehacks: use kitchen twist ties or those little  plastic things that come with your loaves of bread to keep all your  cords out of the way.

Except my office is already too much like my kitchen — I mean, I eat nearly every meal there — and I don’t want  any dang bread ties on my expensive computer cables.

New solution: leg cord managers. Basically, you stick these skinny pockets to the  legs of your desk, and then you slide the cords down the pockets.  Boo-yah.

2. Office-friendly food trays

Remember that  part where I said I ate nearly every meal at my desk? Office supply  stores now make food trays for workers just like me. Hold the tray on  your lap, or try to balance it on the six inches of your desk that  aren’t already covered with papers. Or: just put it on the papers.

Office-friendly food trays are lightweight, easy to clean, have high edges to combat  liquid spills, and don’t at all look like you’re in a hospital or eating at a high chair. They’re designed for the modern worker, the one who  doesn’t have time to sit at a stinkin’ table.

3. Paperless scanning software

Sure, you probably have a scanner, or if you’re like me, you probably go down to the copy shop once a week and scan a bunch of business receipts.  (Once I did this while still wearing my fuzzy bunny slippers. I  literally forgot to take them off before getting into the car.)

But did you know that scanner software is now paperless? This is on the level of “cats and dogs living together.” It blows my mind.

4. The standing desk

This one’s a cheat, because you’ve probably heard of a standing desk, but you probably haven’t tried it.

Ladies and gentlemen, a standing desk will change your world.

Even better: you don’t have to invest in one of those fancy standing desks  from Ikea, and then stand over it in frustration, trying to figure out  how the little blobby man is gesticulating you to put the pieces  together. (Dear Ikea: Use your words.) You can just grab an  ordinary milk crate, or some of that cheap wire cube shelving, and build your own elevated laptop station. Then stow your milk crate under the  desk when you want to sit down again.

5. External battery-powered USB charger

Sometimes you want to get out of your pajamas and go do work around other people  for a change. However, that brings a problem: all your lovely outlets  are right there, and usually coffee shop outlets are already filled by other weirdo freelancers. (Not to mention that most coffee shops hate it when we run up their electricity costs.)

The solution: an external battery-powered USB charger. These things cost,  like, twenty bucks. They fit in your pocket. They have a USB port, and  when you plug something into that port, like your phone, your iPad, or  your laptop, it charges. Never be chained to a coffee shop outlet again.


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  1. I actually have paperless scanning software, I got it last year and it not only scans, but is smart enough to organize and file! Technology is scary amazing.

  2. I think that standing desk looks rather nice. That would be nice to have in my kitchen so that I could wheel it away when not in use.

  3. My husband tries to use a standing desk when he is home.

  4. You’re right – – – I have never heard of any of these products before!

  5. I’m afraid that if I had a standing desk, I’d never stop working.

  6. I could definitely use a cord manager!

  7. I just got an external USB charger for my phone last week. It’s awesome. I wished I would have had it a number of months ago when I was at the airport and my phone was totally dead and I had to stand in the bathroom to charge it because it was the only socket available I could find LOL.

  8. We could use the cord manager in our home. 🙂

  9. Guess I’ve been under a rock since I haven’t heard of the standing desk. LOL

  10. My daughter said they’re building her a standing desk for work. I am so curious what that would be like. I need that cord thingie too!

  11. Leg Cord Managers sound like a FABULOUS idea!

  12. LOL I really need an office food tray…there’s way too many crumbs in my keyboard!

  13. My husband needs a standing desk. He HATES sitting. I keep telling him to try to raise his desk at work, that it should work.

  14. No thanks on the standing desk… I’m not giving up my chair 🙂

  15. Those are very interesting! I really like the idea for the cables.

  16. I could definitely use a USB charger, *angel harmonies* LoL

  17. omg a tray would rock. now i just scootch everything to the sides to make a spot for my lunch in the middle

  18. Loose cords drive me bonkers! I need those cord managers or some twist ties soon.

  19. You know what else they have? It’s like a standing desk. It’s a treadmill desk. Yup, I want one of those and a treadmill. That way if I want to use the laptop I need to get on the treadmill and move my booty.

  20. I’ve recently heard of the paperless scanning and that is great. Never heard of a standing desk before.

  21. I’d much rather sit than stand, so no standing desk here. But, I could sure use the leg cord manager though.

  22. I got a number 5 too and if I only would plug t in and charge it ‘d be able to use it

  23. I need the standing desk for my classroom.

  24. That standing desk could actually come in pretty darn handy when I am teaching the boys. I always find myself sitting to look at papers or get them together and then I have to stand right back up.

  25. I could use an office friendly food tray since I always seem to be working through lunch!! lol

  26. The standing desk is an interesting concept– I sit too much.

  27. I could totally use a food tray, I eat at my desk a lot!

  28. I could have used that office eating tray when I was teaching high school — I ate lunch at my desk ALL the time.

  29. I would love all five of these. They would make my life so much easier.

  30. I could certainly use some leg cord managers.

  31. I definitely need the leg cord manager! My desk looks like its crazy right now LOL!

  32. I’m curious about the food tray too. I’ll have to look them up. Thanks! 🙂

  33. standing desks are really awesome. One of my friends has a great one at her office.

  34. This makes me wonder why I didn’t know about innovative products like this before. I like the idea of a standing desk.

  35. I”d love to try a standing desk it seems like a great option

  36. Hmmm the standing desk sounds interesting. I’m not sure how long I would like to stand up though.

  37. There is no way I would use a standing desk. As much as I’m on the computer, I’d be standing all day.