BeKOOLs Itch Relief Patches

 I received the product to review.

Itch Relief Patches


Are one of those people who always get bit by bugs? Of have a child that does?

I am one and so is my daughter. Whenever we go out we always get the bites. Then my daughter will scratch at the  bite for days and open it, then pick at it and so on.

There are several products to stop the itch but what about one you can easily carry in your purse and one that won’t rub off?

Try the new BeKools Itch Relief Patches. They are clear, non-messy patches that stay in place for hours even when playing outside. The patches come 18 to a pouch that can easily fit into your purse or diaper bag.

The medicated “Itch Relief Patch” creates a protective barrier that prevents kids from scratching. This is exactly what I need for my daughter.

I received a package of the Itch Patches to try and weirdly my daughter has not needed them. But I must have been bitten by an ant on the heal so I decided the give it a try.

Skin Patch

 The patch seemed to work. I did feel a little urge to itch. The patch did stay on through a walk with sneakers on.


They also sent me the Cooling Wipes. These are great! They cool instantly and the coolness stayed with me. A big plus was there was no order!
Cooling Wipes


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  1. I am like your daughter! I’d love to get these for next summer as I’m the one that all of the bugs target.

  2. I keep hearing about these products. Does the patch leave any irritation?

  3. OMG – I wish I had known about these a few weeks ago when I was eaten up by mosquitoes. My arms and legs were covered – they even made it difficult to sleep. I tried all of the creams, but they are so mess.

    I will definitely have to remember these for future bug bites!

  4. Yes! I get eaten alive by mosquitoes and the bites turn into giant welts.

  5. Oh yes I have to get this for my daughter. She is always getting mosquito bites & itches them till she bleeds, hopefully these will work for her

  6. My husband needs those itch relief patches! I need to find them!

  7. My summer was the worst when it came to this. The mosquitoes loved me! This would have came in handy.