Labour of Love or Structural Disaster? Creating the Perfect Home

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Unless a home is purchased brand-new, it’s likely that within the first few years of ownership, you’re going to have to put a few hundred or even thousands of dollars into rehabbing, updating and remodeling. Some improvements you will be able to do yourself, other times a professional will need to be called in because the scope of work is outside your capabilities.

In South Carolina, there are many companies that you can call for a free evaluation if your home needs structural repairs. This is a job that unless you have professional training, you should pay someone to come and do right the first time. Finding quality foundation repair in SC is easy; go online and do a search and you’ll find a variety of places that offer foundation repair, structural repair, basement wall repair, new construction support, sinkhole fixing and many other services.

Your home is your sanctuary away from the stresses of the world that are often completely out of your control. You want the place you spend the majority of your time outside of work to be warm, welcoming, inviting and perfect. If when you drive up at the end of the day you see cracked bricks, widows separated from the walls, or other signs of a deteriorating foundation, this creates stress and worry. Having these issues fixed makes your house not only completely safe but also gives you a sense of peace and calm that your property is in great condition and ready to receive you at the end of a long day.

If only superficial updates are needed, these can be done on your own schedule according to your budget. Sometimes, ideas as simple as updating your window dressings, buying new kitchen equipment like pots, pans and dishes or getting new carpeting are quick ways of refreshing an older space. You may even want to consider ripping up old carpeting to expose the hidden treasure of beautiful, old hardwood floors beneath if possible.

Take a look around the outside of the house to see if any improvements can be made to make you happier with how it looks aesthetically.  Consider a backyard deck and fire pit, replacing old fences, donating any unused garden toys to free up the space if your kids are grown. In the front yard consider a porch swing, potted plants, a birdbath or an updated mailbox. Most of these fixes are simple, cosmetic, low budget, and can be completed in one trip to the local home improvement store.

When deciding which projects to tackle, take a few minutes to determine what can be done by you easily, and which will need to be handled by the pros. A free evaluation can normally be scheduled to determine the scope and cost of more complex projects. For smaller updates involve your spouse or kids. Get their opinions and sweat equity to ensure the changes are loved and appreciated by everyone in the family.



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  1. I went to college in S.C. and hope to move back in the next few years. This is interesting info – thanks!

  2. Buying a house definitely takes a big sacrifice and a lot of work. We just spent HOURS at Menard’s yesterday buying stuff to redo our bathroom.

  3. I lived on the Gulf of Mexico in Florida for many years. This is really good info.

  4. When we bought our home we thought it was great until we realized that all of the remodeling was done by the previous owners and it was done done well or properly. Now we have a whole house in need of massive work.