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Christmas Tree

Christmas is coming and the kids get so excited about all the toys! Toys, toys and more toys. My kids have so many toys that I’m not sure I’m excited about more of them in my house. But I guess the term “toy” could be used to mean other items such as a phone, tablet, guitar, etc.

I’m focusing on more board games and electronics and maybe an airsoft gun this year. I’m going to try hard not to get too many “toys” but I also am looking at a Light Bright, which has all those little pieces and a flying fairy. A tablet or TV may be on the list as well….


See how excited my son was to get this motorized scoter a few years ago?

My stepsons would get so excited to get fishing poles and bikes for Christmas. And the year we went out got all three of them Nintendo Game Boys, remember the original ones? I think we still have one. Oh how the objects under the tree have changed. But maybe not so much. I think my son would love a fishing pole too.

Aside from not wanting so many toys wouldn’t it be awesome to have your kids be part of a Toys ‘R’ Us shopping spree! The video above shows a group of kids thinking they are going on a field trip and instead head to Toys ‘R’ Us where they get to pick one toy of choice. I must admit I got a little teary eyes watching it. Watch it tell me if you got teary eyed..

What’s on your toy list this year?


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  1. M is easy going – I WANT to get her a kitchen 🙂

  2. I love Toy’s R Us. I can’t wait for the upcoming Holidays.

  3. My kids have been asking for legos this year.

  4. The kids haven’t created their wish list yet. I’m almost afraid to ask, but will get them to create one this weekend, its time we start shopping.

  5. We have lots of crafts on my son’s wishlist that will keep him busy. He also wants pretty much every toy in the aisles of Target. lol – he asks me to let him look at the aisles when I go grocery shopping and we do that at the end as his special time/reward.

  6. Man we love Toys ‘R Us. That video is hilarious. Those kids look like they had soooo much fun!

  7. You’re not the only one who got teary eyed from this video. What a wonderful surprise!

  8. I guess my “Toys” would be more along the electronics line too, although I’m young-at-heart and still collect dolls, LOL!

  9. My kids are asking for electronics this year. Computers, tablets, video games. They’re getting a bit of what they’re asking for and a bit of what we think they need. Love Toys R Us!

  10. Could those kids have been any more excited?! So cute!

  11. We are trying to focus on functional and educational presents for Christmas this year. My son wants a scooter.. we got the TRU wish book today and he’s already making a new list. Love the toy book!

  12. I honestly have not even thought about it yet. What an amazing turn of event for the kids.

  13. We absolutely love Toys R Us. What a great video!

  14. i love that video! it has me so excited about the holidays.

    we’re doing a want, need, share and read 🙂

  15. All I have been hearing what the kids want for Christmas. Somethings they are saying I want before they even realize what it is.

  16. We’re really big on games & I plan on buying quite a few for Christmas! We love having family game nights & so games get used more often than half of my son’s toys.

  17. My daughter has a few Monster High dolls on her list and some video games.

  18. Ha, love his face! And I love that video too, so sweet.

  19. My daughters want a new kitchen playset. I say new because they already broke one.

  20. My boys are getting to the point where they aren’t really asking for toys anymore. One wants a laptop, another wants an iPad and my 10 year old asked for a riding lawn mower of all things.

  21. What a great video and we LOVE Toys ‘R’ Us.

  22. Tears! What an awesome video.