Boxes Make the Best Toys

Best toy ever!

I had this huge box from A Tupperware order (yes I sell Tupperware now). Savannah had the best time coloring and playing with it. We’ve had it for about a month now.

Boxes make great toys Fun in a box


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  1. Seriously!! This Christmas we should just get our kids cardboard boxes in varying sizes!!

  2. They do!! I’ve been hijacking our big boxes that come through to store/hide Christmas presents though. 🙂

  3. yay for boxes.

  4. I always loved boxes when I was little. Drove my parents crazy

  5. YES! I told my husband that we were only going to get our youngest kiddo BOXES for Christmas! 😉

  6. My kids LOVE boxes. I get at least one-two very large ones from a co-op order I do every other month. They get a week to play with them (if they don’t fall apart before then) and then they go to recycling.

  7. That’s about right! Our daughter had a huge box that she played with in our basement, and when we downs sized to half and moved of course we tossed it, she was so angry about that LOL.

  8. My kids love boxes – they always get so sad when I have to throw their house/spaceship/pirate ship/etc in the recycling.

  9. Oh yes! Boxes have always been the best toy ever in our home as well! I’ve been trying to find a big one for my granddaghter to play with when she comes over! Love how your daughter colored hers!

  10. My kids never pass up a big box! I think it’s one of their favorite perks of having a blogger mom.

  11. They sure do. Last year my b-i-l gave us two huge boxes and my husband duct taped them together to make this huge playhouse/tunnel that filled up half our family room. After a couple of weeks, I made him give it up. 🙂

  12. I wonder if my husband will let me go appliance shopping for the boxes. 🙂

  13. I know when I was a kid a box made me happy for hours! I see my niece and nephews having fun with the same thing!!

  14. Boxes are the best! Love the artwork and customization

  15. My kids use to love playing in boxes and making forts! Great memories.

  16. Isn’t it funny how kids usually love the packaging more than what’s inside? At least they have wonderful imaginations and can turn a box into a million different things!

  17. And the best part is they’re usually free!!

  18. Oh, how cute! My daughter loves to build forts with boxes and since we just moved, she’s in heaven! LOL

  19. Looks like she’s having a blast playing in the box! It’s an inexpensive and great way to have fun!

  20. I hear you! My son cannot get enough of boxes. lol

  21. Love how she decorated her box. I agree they are great toys.

  22. My children love playing in cardboard boxes LOL!

  23. It seems kids are intrigued by boxes. I love how she decorated it all up!