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Every homeowner likes to find new ways of improving their home, whether it’s the addition of one of the latest must-have gadgets, a new pair of curtains that aims to brighten up the room or slapping a fresh lick of paint on the walls to turn a tired room into a place you can relax in. The problem is, a lot of home improvement projects tend to cost substantial amounts of money, especially when it’s adding a new set of furniture or changing the style of flooring.

Some improvements, however, can be relatively inexpensive but immensely effective at the same time. For instance, a lot of people favour the minimalist look in their living rooms with the addition of a number of standout items that attract the eye, making it look fresh and stylish. Some might cost a fair amount of money, but others can be made yourselves using some creativity, a few of your existing items being refurbished or with a couple of purchases from interior design stores or that allow you to make your own items to add a truly unique feel to your home.


An example in this instance would be to make your own glass coasters. Sure, you could buy your own without spending a great deal of money, but they won’t really mean anything to you. The items in your home should have significance, making you smile every time you look at them and making you glad to be home or in that room in particular, and customized coasters can do that. Each time you go to have a drink you can look down at a picture of your loved one or child, your family, a picture of your friends or your favourite picture from your recent holiday. It’s the little things that often make the biggest impact after all.


Maybe you’re on the lookout for something that will standout. You’ve already bought your furniture, but you’re not overly attached to your existing range of cushions. Printable cotton sheets can be the ideal solution, allowing you to print off your own images onto the cotton so you can truly customize your cushions and even wash them.


Everyone likes to display their favourite moments whether they’re somewhere prominent or somewhere subtle. The best way, of course, is to display them in a stylish way in the kind of picture frame that stands out, or helps your image to. When you put a picture on display or up on a wall, you do so to draw the eye of the person in the room and, if that’s you, you want to be reminded of that special occasion or person, and if it’s a guest you want it to make them feel at home or create a conversation. Magnetic photo frames are great for this, especially when they give you the chance to decorate the frame to your own style because you can just update the frames if you decide to decorate the room – so they never go out of fashion.


Debbie Fletcher is an enthusiastic, experienced writer who has written for a range of difference magazines and news publications. Follow her here: @Debbie_Fletch18


I'm a mother of 2 who likes to get involved in too much! Besides writing here I started a non-profit, I'm on the PTO board, very active in my community and volunteer in the school. I enjoy music, reading, cooking, traveling and spending time with my family. We just adopted our 3rd cat and love them all!

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  1. Those coasters are cute! I love little things like this that mean a lot.

  2. I love helping my son make personalized home-made gifts for his grandparents, and then he always makes something for me and his Dad, too.

  3. I always seem to be looking for fun new ways to dress up our home. Small homemade touches like these are especially great.

  4. I love the coasters. I don’t know if I would allow people to use them though.

  5. Personalized items can be so special – the grandparents would love something like this.

  6. We own photo coasters, but I didn’t make them myself. Although that would make a great craft project.

  7. Printable fabric sounds like a great thing to use for crafts around the home

  8. I love those coasters. What a nifty idea!

  9. We are in the process of trying to make our home our own by adding special touches like this.

  10. I love anything that has photos in it so definitely some great ways to bring home to your house.

  11. I love the coasters idea! In fact that would make a great holiday gift for the grandparents!

  12. Coasters are great gifts when it’s so personalised!

  13. I love the idea of making your own coasters. I got my mom some that had photos from her wedding printed on them and they are still a favorite gift of hers.