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I am one of those people that always walk around barefoot. I guess from living in South Florida most of my life. I just love the feel of the grass on my feet. Unfortunately my feet don’t always look so pretty on my heels. They get dry and cracked more than I would like. I know a great way to fix that is putting cream on my heels and putting those comfy socks on. I own several pair of those white socks.



But….I can’t sleep with them on. My feet get all hot and I have to take them off in the middle of the night.


That’s why when I was sent a pair of Heel Socks to review I was so excited! There are no toes. Well I mean the socks do not cover my toes. So my toes can breath!

I received a NightCare Heel Treatment Kit to try. The kit came with a foot cream and some fancy leopard print heel socks. The heel of the socks are made out of Visco-GEL that provides deep softening and moisturizing of those hard and cracked heels. They have been tested by Dermatologists and have been deemed to deliver mineral oil to repair damaged skin.  No additional lotion or skin cream required, although you can use if you want to.


I love them! I can wear them all night. My toes breath and my heels are on their way to being beautiful again! It is a little weird walking on them as there is the gel in the heel. The socks come in one size fits most and sell for around $19. I already told my husband that I want another pair for Christmas, though not in leopard print. I’m a plain Jane kind of gal. But these do make me feel a little spicy when I wear them!! 🙂


NightCare Heel Treatment Kit


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  1. I reviewed these as well, works great! But I also had to take mine off during the night.

  2. I wear flip flops a lot (pretty much year around) and a kit like this would be awesome to make those pedicures last longer!

  3. This sounds like something I could use. I never wear shoes during the summer and that nasty habit started when I was young so imagine years of not wearing shoes- my feet are not a pretty site. 🙁

  4. I’m the same way… I walk around my house (and even outside) barefooted all the time. And… I cannot sleep with socks on. I have to get these!

  5. I can’t stand anything on my feet at night, either. Heck, half the time I have one foot sticking out from under my blankets, too. I also hate to have anything on my feet during the day. I’m a barefoot girl for sure! This sounds like something I’d try

  6. I may need to check these out, I would love them for nighttime too.

  7. I’m either barefoot or in flip-flops! I’ll have to get me some of these.

  8. Hmmm, I definitely have to check these out!