Reducing our Carbon Footprint: It is Working?



There are a variety of simple and not-so-simple things we can do to effectively reduce our carbon footprint. Some large projects such as dealing with wastewater require professional solutions.  Making minor modifications to our daily lives is something everyone can do to make the world a better, cleaner place.

Industrial Water and Wastewater

Industries such as power generation, oil and gas, minerals and metals, food and beverage and pulp and paper create wastewater that needs efficient and cost-effective solutions. Finding the right company to provide the right solutions is critical. Case studies have shown that it is possible to deliver a sustainable and environmentally friendly Wastewater treatment plant that minimizes environmental impact by recycling and treating cooling water which ensures low water consumption and that no contaminants reach local waterways after use.


Don’t drive with such a heavy foot. Accelerate slowly, drive the posted speed limit and anticipate stops and starts. Published studies have shown that up to 30% of the difference in miles per gallon can be attributed to how a car is handled while driving. Make sure your car receives recommended maintenance updates so it runs efficiently. Keep tires inflated to the recommended levels and this alone can save 400-700 pounds of carbon dioxide per year. Buy a green vehicle, one that’s fuel-efficient or even electric.


Much of our carbon emissions can be reduced from our daily travels around town by giving our movements deliberate thought. Consider carpooling with the neighbors or saving up all your errands to run one day per week instead of running to the same store for things multiple times per week. Walk short distances instead of driving two blocks to get milk. If you own a bike, use pedal-power to get around town. See if you can work remotely from home a few days per week instead of commuting to the office every day.


Consider if it’s possible to combine multiple out-of-town trips and schedule meetings with more than one client when you’re away. Nonstop flights are better for emissions than ones with multiple stops. Stay at hotels that make efforts to be environmentally friendly and, while there, refuse daily towel replacements to save water.  Use the same towel for the few days of your stay.


As appliances need replacing get Energy Star rated ones.  Compact fluorescent light bulbs save two-thirds of the energy of a regular incandescent bulb and can give you $40 plus in savings over its lifespan. Turn the faucet off while brushing your teeth, and if you live alone consider flushing the toilet every other time. When the need arises consider replacing windows with Energy Star rated ones.


Use invitations made from recycled materials. Instead of having large flower centerpieces consider simple, understated arrangements or even re-use flowers from your ceremony at the reception. Serve food that is local, organic and seasonal which guarantees lowered carbon emissions because of the shorter distances traveled to reach your guests’ plates.


Only buy what you’ll eat and finish produce before it goes bad. The less that goes into landfills the less methane gas is produced. Buy local goods, which will reduce the negative impacts of shipping. Call businesses and get removed from their junk mail lists. Recycle those old electronics instead of throwing them in a landfill. Eat more vegetables and less meat. Vegetarians save 3,000 pounds of carbon monoxide or more each year compared to meat eaters.

So there are many ways in which we can reduce our carbon footprint in daily life. As to whether it’s working, perhaps only time will tell. All we can know for sure is that every little helps and by making a few changes in your daily routine you can help reduce our global carbon footprint today.
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  1. I have been thinking more and more about my carbon footprint lately…I recycle and do green things at home but there’s always so much more that we could do!

  2. It’s so true about accelerating slowly. You see what some of these big trucks spit out when they accelerate quickly. It’s gross. Little things can definitely help our environment.

  3. I try to do my part, but it can get difficult. I know there is always room for further improvement.

  4. Electric usage at my house is up, I’ve been running the dehumidifier & my ex is staying with us… he watches TV, I really don’t.

  5. We own a hybrid car and if I make it a point not to accelerate so quickly, I can get about 55mpg on that thing.

  6. I do my best to help reduce the carbon footprint for our home but I know their is always mroe we need to do. Luckily we live in a small town so their isn’t really high traffic.

  7. I am definitely going in the right direction, but there is a lot more I can do to help reduce my carbon footprint.

  8. I think I’m taking steps in the right direction. I try my best to cut our carbon footprint every day.

  9. I’m very aware of this and so are our kids. We try to remind them to not be wasteful and recycle everything we can.

  10. I know I don’t nearly do enough. I don’t like to carpool though I’m afraid I will have an emergency and not be able to get where I need to be.

  11. I try my best but I feel like I could always be doing more!

  12. I’ve been accelerating slower (which also helps use less gas) lately and it’s crazy how many peole get so mad and speed past. I was just smile and wave because they are the ones ruining our planet and also wasting their gas.

  13. We try to do all we can to reduce our carbon footprint. Both my husband and I now work closer to the house so we each are in the car 5 minutes a day instead of 30!

  14. I love that more and more people are considering how they affect the Earth with their actions. These are great tips!

  15. Great tips. I think this is one of those things we need to reminder of. We do little things but you kind of stop thinking about them.

  16. We have Energy Star rated appliances throughout the house.