Celebrity Cribs and the Styles You NEED to Copy

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Who does not want to achieve the lifestyle of the rich and the famous? Everyone wants a bit of their style, so why not take a look at the home designs of some of your favourite icons to recreate their ideas into your own space.

The most common feature of celebrity cribs is the huge architectural staircase. Architectural stair design can add a touch of luxury in any home. Even hotels and other luxury areas have a unique kind of staircase to match the aura of their reception area.

Colbie Caillat

Singer and songwriter Colbie Caillat has one amazing property, achieving a relaxing mode in every corner. The outside space is created with natural stone designs, matched with the green landscape and outdoor pool. It may look just like an ordinary mansion but beneath the exterior complex is a high-technological sound system that she uses to help inspire her when writing a song. In a recent interview, Colbie revealed that Sonos is the sound system she installed. It literally distributes a high-quality sound throughout the house and can be controlled and muted in several rooms.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

This star couple has a mansion worth $10.75 million. Of course, the luxury of this home has plenty of fancy furniture and world-class home equipment. The living room is designed with neutral colours, perfect to create a comfortable ambiance. This is matched with a kitchen design refined with high-end wooden interiors matched with top-of-the line kitchen equipment. The over-all design is geared towards marriage and family life.

Miley Cyrus

Miley’s house is no wrecking ball. With its contemporary feel, Miley truly knows how to live young and free. The whole house has ample space to hold a party as it achieves a minimalist effect. The living room also creates a comfortable design with all-white sofas and carpet matched with coloured throw pillows. This contemporary living room is surrounded by glass doors overlooking the pool and garden.

Reese Witherspoon

This blonde beauty has a home with a country-style theme. The grand wooden staircase the first thing a visitor will notice, and it matches the wooden ceiling and furniture. The colour palate of brown, dirty white and earthy colours make this home a place to unwind after a full day’s work. Of course, since Reese is already a mum, the whole design aims to be as family-friendly as possible.

These are just a few of the coolest celebrity cribs and their style. By searching homes on the internet, you will find other designs that will suit your taste. So whenever you need to have your house renovated, or you want to build a new one, consider the tastes of the celebrities. They did achieve an incredible design by paying world-class interior designers, so why not copy it at cost-free.

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