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Disney shows are not just about the human character, they are about the furry friends too. Just about every show has an animal or two that is part of the show. Now Disney has launched  a product called the Disney Palace Pets.


Disney has recently released an app into the Apple marketplace to introduce the first characters before the toy line arrives in retail stores nationwide in early August.  Please see the link below for a free download:




The Palace Pets were first introduced in the Disney Princess Palace Pets app, a wildly popular, free iOS app from Disney Publishing Worldwide that launched in June 2013 and reached more than 1 million downloads in its first seven weeks. The app shares the story of how the Palace Pets met the Disney Princess characters and includes activities such as an interactive royal salon where children can wash, brush, groom, accessorize and treat the pets to snacks

 Disney Princess Palace Pets Palace pets

We were sent a package of the new Disney Princess Palace Pets to enjoy! These Furry Tail Friends are $5.99 each and come with sparkly tiaras and styling brushes to groom their tails.


Palace Pets 773 774 Disney Princess Palace Pets

My daughter was super excited to get these new toys. She went right to work grooming her pets and playing with them. What do most little girls love the most? Princesses and pets. Now you can get them all in one!


Other toys is this line are:

Talking & Singing Pets (MSRP $12.99 each): These dazzling figures come to life as they speak and sing several phrases with the press of their locket. The fall collection includes Pumpkin (Cinderella’s Puppy), Berry (Snow White’s Bunny) and Treasure (Ariel’s Kitty).

Pamper Me Pretty Plush (MSRP $24.99): Soft, sweet and stylish – the Pamper Me Pretty plush stuffed animals are perfect for grooming and snuggling! Available as both Pumpkin (Cinderella’s Puppy) and Beauty (Aurora’s Kitty), these pampered pets come with extra-fluffy tails and beautiful accessories.

Pamper & Beauty Salon (MSRP $29.99): The Pamper & Beauty Salon is packed with tons of primping accessories like a blow-dryer, mirror, barrettes and more. Rapunzel’s kitty, Summer, is included with magical color-change features that make her pink nails and pretty makeup appear and disappear with water


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  1. She looks so sweet playing with these. I miss having a little girl around the house. These are great.

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