Family Christmas Cards… They Aren’t Cringey Anymore

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Shutterfly Christmas Card

So, a Christmas card featuring an image of a grinning family on the front, wearing festive jumpers, is cheesy right? Wrong. I can’t believe it, but the family Christmas card is back with a bang. Obviously, it needs to be done right, but when it is, it can come be really effective and brings home the spirit of Christmas and the importance of family.


Christmas cards like these have become fashionable, again, thanks to a little help from famous families such as the Kardashians and the Royal family. The Kardashians, in particular, are huge trendsetters and whatever they do seems to be acceptable (to most). This family’s artistic (although slightly exhibitionist) take on the bog standard Christmas card has influenced us all.


You don’t have to spend quite the same amount on producing the card as the Kardashians or the Royals. You can though create it yourself? Homecrafts encourage people to embrace their artistic nature and add a little more sentimentality to their cards.


You can either take a group shot of your family, specifically for the card, or use older pictures of individual members to create it. This means not only will you not have to send out the same tired cards you can also update your family and friends on how your family is doing.


Rather than sending cards with images of random snowmen or strangers enjoying the festive season, make it all about you.


Photos are a big part of life now, thanks to social media. People regularly share photographs to engage with others, and let everyone know their movements and achievements. So, why not include this in your yearly card? You can even make it a regular thing to show how your family grows and changes year by year.


This idea takes the Christmas card to a new level by creating a festive greeting and a keepsake. You don’t have to be the next Van Gogh to make the perfect card, just using a little imagination and creativity can go a long way to impressing friends and family. There is a real sense of achievement too, that comes from making something yourself. Adding a touch of individuality will definitely help reawaken the Christmas spirit.

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I'm a mother of 2 who likes to get involved in too much! Besides writing here I started a non-profit, I'm on the PTO board, very active in my community and volunteer in the school. I enjoy music, reading, cooking, traveling and spending time with my family. We just adopted our 3rd cat and love them all!

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  1. I love photo cards for Christmas…ours just came in the mail, now I just have to remember to send them out.

  2. We didn’t do a family portrait but I did take a bunch of photos we took during the summer and make a photo card out of them! It came out really nice!

  3. I really like the modern and updated way of sending greetings like this. This makes me smile!

  4. I like candid pictures on greeting cards the best!

  5. I’m in the middle of addressing my holiday cards right now!

  6. Oh how cute I love it! This is our first year we didn’t get around to doing cards, kinda sad about it, but that is okay it is just Me and My Husband so we will survive one year!

  7. I love the candid pictures and all the great color. Christmas cards have come a long way.

  8. Those cards are gorgeous and the photos are so cute. I love how it isn’t the traditional holiday colors and look.

  9. I always take our own pictures for the cards and “grandparent” gifts … and this year, all of my kids had straw in their mouths. TOTALLY not what I’d envisioned but it was so stinkin’ cute that I decided to use what WAS an out-take. 🙂

  10. Ever since we started having kids, we’ve always used photo cards for Christmas.

  11. I was worried about sending out cards without a family photo since we haven’t had time to take a “formal” one. But I’ve got plenty of candids I could pull together!

  12. What a beautiful card – and I love the colors!

  13. These cards are beautiful. I love the coloring.

  14. I love the colors and the matching photos. So pretty!

  15. I love the colors! My sister always does photo cards for Christmas! I guess I should start doing that!

  16. What cute cards! I really love the colors.

  17. I love these cards, so cheerful.

  18. I really love this card. I love that it isn’t traditional red/green but you know it is a holiday card because of the title. Great photos too!

  19. I didn’t realize that photo Christmas Cards had every become Cringey. I have sent them out every year since we’ve been married. I guess at some point I was “behind the times” LOL. There’s still something to be said for tradition I think.

  20. Those are the cutest cards