Keeping Your Home Safe over the Festive Season

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Christmas Tree

The festive season is a time of great celebration, with countless parties to attend  your home may be susceptible to a number of unwanted risks, from catching fire to the theft of valuable household possessions and the gifts you’ve bought as presents for Christmas day. While prevention is out of your hands at the end of the day, you can be doing a number of things to attempt to keep your house safe or to warn off your unwanted visitors.

When it comes to maintaining a safe home, you may want to consider a few gadgets and practices. Most people opt to have an access control system so that their valuables are secured from lost or theft. For the safety of you and your premises, consider access control systems. Once set, homeowners can go out of the house with the piece of mind that the doors are locked and the alarms set, ready to go off if an intruder does enter the property. There are also other options that you can consider, with many great add-ons to your access control systems but the most important thing is to have your own initiative to keep your whole premise free from any danger.

Check Your Windows

There is a high chance that Santa is not the one entering your house, especially before Christmas Eve, so it’s best to make every part of your home as secure as possible. Windows are the easiest entry point especially when the whole house gets dark and there is no dog to bark at any intruders. Be sure to check the windows for any cracks or damage to the frames, and ensure that you have locks fitted and that they cannot be dismantled easily. A home security system also can be an ideal way to check the windows for any signs of burglary.

Keep The Lights On

Keeping all the lights off whenever you are go out is seen by many thieves as an invitation, advertising that you’re not at home. If you do go out, make sure to keep some of the house well-illuminated to put the doubt in their mind that there may be people at home. You may also want to consider playing a few sounds by either leaving a television or radio on, creating an impression that there is definitely someone in, and still awake. You can also ask a neighbour or friend to keep watch over your house until you come home by leaving their curtains open and an eye out for any movement. This will further discourage the thieves from entering your home if they know they’re at risk of being spotted by concerned neighbours.

Consider A Home Insurance

It may be good to consider a home insurance policy to protect your property. Home insurance does not only cover any damages brought about by natural disasters, there are also add-ons and one of which is theft. It will save you a lot of money in terms of recovering or paying for replacements for your valuables. Other coverage includes fire protection, plumbing problems and many more.

This festive season, it is good to be in your best party mood while keeping your place free from any dangers. Remember that thieves always look for the right opportunity to strike so you need to be prepared anytime. In fact, even in ordinary days, you should be able to secure your home completely. It does not only protect your valuables, it secures your loved ones from harm too.


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  1. I always check our windows and keep lights on when we’re out.

  2. I am so paranoid about home safety, I actually always leave at least one light on in the house!

  3. We have our tree in our front hall, and we have windows by our front door so you can see it if you look in, so we don’t put the presents under the tree so anyone who comes up to the door can see it.

  4. Home safety is super important around the holidays.

  5. We do try to keep the lights on and insurance is important whether you won or rent.

  6. I always get nervous about traveling around the holidays for this very reason – I don’t like leaving the house alone.