Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

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As well as having a dog neutered, it is in the best interests of its owner to have them trained. Some owners decide not to train their dogs because they think it will be time-consuming or it won’t be useful for their dogs. There are many reasons that support the importance of varied dog training in Columbia MD, such as knowing the difference between right and wrong.


A dog will know when they have done something wrong


If a dog hasn’t been trained, they won’t know when they have done something their owner has told them not to. Training a dog is very much like raising a child. This is because certain words can inform a dog that they have been naughty. Once a dog has been trained, it can have the same sense of morality that humans have. If a dog is constantly around children, younger members of a family can also tell a dog when they haven’t behaved.


Prevented from doing something stupid


If a dog is about to run out into a street and isn’t on a leash, they can get hurt. When a dog is trained, they will know their master’s voice and understand when they have been told to stop. Dog training can also help a canine from eating something that could be harmful to them. If its owner tells the dog not to eat it, they won’t because the right command has been used. Although dogs are intelligent animals, they need help from humans.


To protect children


Dogs can be cherished family pets. Young children love playing with dogs and vice versa. If a child becomes too boisterous or a dog is agitated, a child can be hurt. When a dog has been trained, they can be prevented from injuring a child. A trained dog also poses minimal or no risk to elderly owners who are very frail. When they have been trained, their elderly owner won’t be at any danger, even if they own a large dog. If their family are concerned about how safe their elderly relatives are because of their pet, having a dog trained can provide peace of mind.


Dogs can be trained how to hunt

Dogs can help humans with hunting. Accompanying their owner on hunting trips, a dog can pick up a dead animal and not eat it, if they are trained. Many farms and ranches also employ dogs to control livestock, which is vital on a large ranch that has hundreds of animals. As large animals, such as cattle, are scared of dogs, trained dogs will obey their owner’s commands. By being trained, a dog will also be taught not to attack animals. Although not every dog will maul other creatures, they will be taught not to do so either way because they have been trained.


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I'm a mother of 2 who likes to get involved in too much! Besides writing here I started a non-profit, I'm on the PTO board, very active in my community and volunteer in the school. I enjoy music, reading, cooking, traveling and spending time with my family. We just adopted our 3rd cat and love them all!

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  1. Dogs are actually very smart and learn quickly. It’s amazing to me the types of things that they can be trained to do.

  2. Dogs are really amazing, they have a sense of things and are just astounding!

  3. When i was grown up, we sent one of our dogs to school. She came back pretty smart! It was actually amazing what all they taught her!

  4. I trained my dog myself, but next time we get a puppy we’ll be taking them to a real trainer!

  5. We just got a puppy Sunday, and I will tell you, I’ve never seen a puppy take to being housebroken the way this pup has… he actually won’t be 8 weeks old until this coming Sunday, and for two days straight he goes to the pee pad to do his business. Every. Single. Time. It’s been raining heavily, so I’ve not been able to take him outside much. Dogs are so smart.

  6. Our pitbull/boxer mix amazes me quite often. He’s over 2yrs old and can still learn basically anything new within a week.

  7. Dogs are actually very smart and learn quickly. They know what they are doing when they are doing something good or bad.

  8. Dogs are just so awesome! We are training Padfoot ourselves but the next puppy we get (a LGD) we’ll probably take to a trainer 🙂

  9. My German Shepherd was very easy to train… our coonhound was not. She was often a bad girl, but had such a sweet mournful face it was hard to stay mad at her for long.

  10. We don’t have a dog, but sometime I wish we did… a small one.

  11. We have a dog and aside from crate training her, we haven’t really done anything else. But she’s a small dog and I know some people think its bad, but we think of her as one of our kids and she pretty much does what she wants. As long as she’s not pooping/peeing in the house or hurting my kids, we’re okay with it.

  12. You are so right that a dog knows when they have done something wrong. My dogs act so guilty when they have been naught. It’s hysterical.

  13. Dogs are really smart. Training is important.

  14. We recently got a 6 month old puppy, and she definitely could benefit from some obedience training.

  15. My dogs are super smart but they are also VERY stubborn.

  16. This is good stuff to know – we have cats now and my husband and I both grew up with cats, so when our son inevitably asks for a puppy we’ll need to know what to do. 🙂

  17. Our pup has been relatively easy to train so we’re grateful for that.