St. Augustine, FL

While my dad and step mom were visiting, they, my mom, brother, my daughter and I all went to visit St. Augustine. It was fun! We did the trolley tour but spent some time at the Old Jail.


St. Augustine, FL The Old Jail St Augustine, FL Old Jail in St. Augustine

St. Augustine, FL Family The Old Jail


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  1. I have not been there in years. I went there to visit Flagler. Such a beautiful town.

  2. I’ve never been, but it looks like a fantastic place to visit! I especially love the jail!

  3. I love St. Augustine! We went there decades ago but it was so unique.

  4. That jail looks a lot of fun!!

  5. Love the family shot in your prison stripes! Ha! Looks like a great time!

  6. My aunt lives in Jacksonville and we went to St Augustine once – it was a lot of fun!! I think it was around Christmas that we went.

  7. Anne, that looks like a blast! So glad you got away to do that with the fam!

  8. Haha, these are so funny!

  9. Looks like you all had a great time! Those photos say, “FUN!”

  10. I spent a few hours in St. Augustine during a beach trip. Would love to return!

  11. Ok how cool that they got to spend the day together having fun. The jail photo is a hoot!

  12. What great photos! You’ve made me want to go visit St. Augustine!

  13. I’ve heard so many good things about St. Augustine – I really would like to go there some day.

  14. Everyone who I know that has been to St. Augustine says it’s beautiful. The Old Jail looks like it was a fun place to go with your family! Those are the kinds of things we like to do when we go on vacation.

  15. Aw looks like a fun time! I love all the photo’s super cute!! This would be a place my husband and I would enjoy visiting!

  16. It looks like you had such a fun day. I haven’t been to St. Augustine in years, and would like to go back.

  17. I have never been there but I would love to go one day.

  18. I’ve never been but I’d so love to go one of these days!

  19. Looks like everyone had a wonderful time! 🙂

  20. So nice you got to spend some time with your family, looks like you had fun.

  21. What a fun place to visit!

  22. We’ve never been to St Augustine, but that looks like such a fun place to visit. I love the picture with your dad and brother in the cutouts, so cute.

  23. Looks like a good time! I always enjoy visiting fun places with my family.

  24. I’ve never been there. It looks beautiful.