Teenage Drivers

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A teenage driver who has just earned his or her driver’s license is anxious to get out on the road and go places! However, it’s a wise idea for parents to sit down with teenagers to talk about car insurance. After all, one day a teenager will have his or her own car and need to pay auto insurance. Certainly, there are some things that a teen should learn about the process. For instance, a teenager may want to know the reasons why different people pay different rates of car insurance. Here are some points to make to a teenager when answering this question.

A person’s driving record plays a big role in the amount he or she pays for car insurance. For instance, a person who has never been in an accident of any kind will likely pay a lower amount for car insurance than someone who has been in more than one accident. The person who has never been in a car accident is a better risk to an insurance company than someone with a few accidents on his or her driving record.

Younger people usually pay more in car insurance than older people. A sixteen year old with his or her first driver’s license is inexperienced on the road. Consequently, there is a higher chance that he or she will have an accident. Of course, the teenager may be very careful and avoid accidents. This contributes to lowering the teen’s car insurance rates over time.

Another factor that determines someone’s car insurance rate is the type of car he or she drives. Some cars have a reputation for being especially safe. In fact, cars are safety tested and the results are published for the benefit of potential car buyers. A person who drives a car with a notable safety record is likely to get a lower rate of insurance than someone with a car that is less safe. People who drive older cars sometimes have to pay higher rates because the car doesn’t have airbags and other safety features of today’s cars.

Finally, a person who rarely drives may get a lower car insurance rate than someone who drives every day. For instance, a traveling salesperson may have to drive his or her car several hundred miles a month. This presents more opportunities to get into an accident. Anyone interested in car insurance in Arizona should contact a Phoenix insurance agency with specific questions about rates.


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  1. It’s crazy at how much my insurance went up when my oldest started driving. Glad she is a “she” – I can only imagine how much more it would have been if she were a “he.”

  2. Cost of insurance has been a major part in us delaying our oldest from getting her license. We figure the cost will go down significantly when she turns 18, which is not that far away anymore.

  3. One of my nephews is getting close to being able to get a license.. eekk!!! Insurance can be outrageous for sure!

  4. I don’t look forward to my sons driving, gah!

  5. I know that women often pay less as well. I know that can be seen as unfair but I’m quite happy with paying lower rates 😛

  6. Our daughter will be 18 in April and still doesn’t have her driver’s license. She has decided she doesn’t want to come up with the extra $$ our insurance will increase and she will be responsible for…that’s just fine with me I’d rather cart her around than have her driving any way!

  7. My teen is looking to get his first car and I’m not looking forward to it. I’m trying to hold out as long as I can before he can get his license.

  8. Oh I dread the day my kids are old enough to drive. Thankfully I still have a few years.

  9. We’re years away from having teen drivers, but I’m already dreading it!

  10. My daughter is old enough to drive, but luckily she’s not ready! Whew!

  11. Teen drivers scare me even more than the ancient ones… at least geezers may not see you, but are going slow enough you can get out of their way…lol

  12. My 17 year old brother hasn’t gotten his license yet because he can’t afford the insurance. It’s so expensive!

  13. Luckily I still have a few years before I have to worry about the cost of my boy’s driving, but I am sure it is going to cost a pretty penny. I still think it is ridiculous that they look at your credit when deciding your insurance rate.

  14. I have three children who will all be teenage drivers at (nearly) the same time…. it’s going to be scary!

  15. I’m not dealing with this yet, but will be such a nervous wreck when the time comes!

  16. My oldest child turns 10 this summer and the thought of her driving makes me nauseous! I know driving will be considered a privilege and depend on behavior and grades.

  17. Since my 19 yr old son is away at college (more than 200 miles) my premium decreased by a LOT – his 17 year old sister is driving his car now, but the premium STILL was less than when he was the only teenaged driver (he and his sister both have good grade discounts as well) he and his sister are both listed on and drive his car only.