Daughter’s Selfies


I think I took the first one, but she was messing around and took some selfies on my phone.



Yes that is a chocolate milk moustache!



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  1. hehe! Can you imagine showing her these in 10+ years?!

  2. I’d say she’s got the selfies down!

  3. Super cute! I love finding random photos on my phone and camera from the kids!

  4. LOL! Love it. She is a doll

  5. Such cuteness. Love watching kids find themselves on the camera, too fun! Happy WW.

  6. Pretty good selfies I must say! She’s going to steal the show when she’s older that’s for sure!

  7. She’s got the selfies down! I don’t do selfies because I usually cut part of my head or face off. True story! 🙂

  8. How cute is this? She is way better than me at selfies!

  9. What a little cutie! So cute with her little furry friends!

  10. Aw that is really cute!!! She looks like she had fun doing those selfies!!!

  11. She is practicing for many more years of selfies to come lol.

  12. Too cute! My daughters use their tablets to take selfies and it’s so cute to look through them.

  13. She has such adorable selfies for sure!

  14. LOL — my kids are OBSESSED with taking selfless too.

  15. LOL my daughter would never let me post them if she did them. Cute!

  16. She is so precious!! my son does the same thing take all kinds of selfies with my phone.

  17. What a cutie! I took a ton of similar pics as a kid, and that was on a disposable camera so we actually had to pay to develop them!

  18. How cute & I like how she enjoys including her “friends”

  19. My kids love talking selfies but they don’t want me to post them online though.

  20. My children seem to do this a lot too. They are much bolder than I am about selfies. Cute photos!

  21. She is much better at taking selfies than me!

  22. Kids are so funny! Love that she made sure to include a friend in her selfies!

  23. Your daughter’s selfies are so cute. She looks like she was having a lot of fun.

  24. I love that she included some of her favorite toys! What a little cutie.

  25. My son does this too, but his are way too blurry to even tell it’s him 🙂

  26. You need to save them forever and show them during her rehearsal dinner slide show.

  27. She’s too cute and having too much fun!

  28. Cute! My children are obsessed with selfies too!