Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!



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I'm a mother of 2 who likes to get involved in too much! Besides writing here I started a non-profit, I'm on the PTO board, very active in my community and volunteer in the school. I enjoy music, reading, cooking, traveling and spending time with my family. We just adopted our 3rd cat and love them all!

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  1. Happy St Patricks Day!! Are you going out to celebrate?

  2. Happy St. Patrick’s Day! 🙂 The kids are doing a play for us later today with all of their green animals, so I’m sure Kermit will make an appearance.

  3. Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you, too. I wore my green fuzzy robe earlier this morning in honor of the day, lol.

  4. Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you and Happy #MuppetsMostWanted Premiere Week as well! 🙂

  5. You too, and love that froggy!!

  6. So true, Kermit is all set 🙂

  7. I have always had a special place in my heart for Kermit. Hope your day is lucky indeed!

  8. My daughter wants to see this so badly so I think we actually might see it on Friday, which is unusual for us to go to a movie on opening night! The radio spots for Muppets/St. Patrick’s Day have been hilarious to listen to!

  9. That movie is going to do super well in the theater, I think. I hope Miss PIggy isn’t too much of a handful for him this time around. 🙂

  10. I love Kermit! And it’s easy being green any day. 🙂

  11. Hope your day was full of green!

  12. I ended up sick on St. Patrick’s day but luckily I managed not getting pinched for not wearing green ;-)!

  13. lol luv that Kermit is celebrating St. patricks day

  14. Kemit was perfect for St. Patrick’s day. I haven’t watched the Muppets in a long time! I use to watch it all the time when I was a kid,

  15. Saw it last night. Very… Muppets-like 🙂

  16. Love this movie and this is adorable.

  17. My sister would have been so super excited about this! She had a Kermit tattoo on her ankle. She loved the Muppets.

  18. I just love Kermit! I hope you had a good St. Patricks day!

  19. Hope you had a wonderful St. Patty’s Day!

  20. We were on vacation for St. Patrick’s Day, so it was fantastic. Hope you had a great one too!

  21. Too cute 🙂 Hope you had a great St. Patrick’s Day!