Benefits of Using Salon-Quality Products

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When figuring out which beauty products to buy, it can be a bit difficult to know where to invest your money. It may be convenient and tempting to pick up your shampoo and other products at your local grocery store, but there may be some pressure to buy salon-quality products. These products are often more expensive and you may have to go out of your way to get them, but are they really worth the extra money? The answer, in a word, is yes. Here are some of the benefits of using salon-quality products.


Better Quality Ingredients

You get what you pay for, and that saying holds very true when it comes to beauty products. If you know what you’re looking for, you can compare a cheaper bottle of shampoo next to a salon-quality bottle of shampoo and check the ingredients. You will notice that the ingredients are similar, but they do vary. The conditioners and other ingredients that actually matter are always of a much higher quality in the salon products whereas the store bought products will have additional ingredients that don’t actually have much benefit. Shampoo is just an example; this will generally hold true for all hair and beauty products.


Get The Most For Your Money

While it may be true that you pay more for the salon-quality products, you will absolutely get more for the money that you spend. Just because you can get more product doesn’t mean that the product will do a better job or even provide you much benefit. Essentially store bought products will get the job done, but not do the best job possible. If you buy a cheap hairspray, for instance, you may need to use a lot more product volume to get it to work. Even if you do get it to work, it may not have the desired result. On the other hand, if you use a salon hairspray it will be much more likely you will be satisfied and you will have to use less product.


They Will Spare You Grief

If you buy a beauty product of any kind you will be doing so because you have a desired result in mind. The problem is, it may be hard to find out exactly which store bought product will give you that result. You could end up buying product after product with a lot of trial and error and you still may not be totally happy with it. On the other hand, if you go to a salon and actually talk to someone who knows about the products, they will be able to help you find exactly the right product to suit your needs. Though it may cost a little bit more up front, you will save yourself a lot of time and potentially money in the long run. It will make the process much easier.


Wrap Up

While many people have questions about salon products versus store-bought products, it is hard to argue against the proven benefits that come along with buying a quality salon-product. No matter what you buy, just make sure that you buy the right product for you.


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  1. I always feel that trying to cut back to save money means you end up paying twice as much in the long run (because you eventually have to get the quality version)

  2. Thanks for this bit of insight. I personally have always thought that there wasn’t much difference between shampoos. Now you’ve got me wondering what ingredients I should be paying attention to most?

  3. It’s true that you usually get what you pay for. Sadly, most hair products don’t work well with my hair, whether they’re organic, salon quality, or the drugstore variety. 🙁

  4. I’m generally not on the ‘expensive’ is better bandwagon, but I agree that there are many salon products that are just worth paying the higher cost for because they truly are a better quality and work better. Not all of them of course, but I have my favorites that I’m willing to spend more for.

  5. I don’t always buy salon quality products, but don’t mind paying out the money on a product that really does work.

  6. I know I can tell a big difference in shampoos when I buy them from a salon.

  7. For certain things, I do buy the salon versions and it does make a difference. I hate paying the prices though!

  8. I love a good bargain, but the adage is true. You get what you pay for. It’s very rare that the bargain product is as good as the salon quality. However, there are only a few things that I’m willing to pay salon prices for. I think it’s okay to splurge on some things!

  9. There is definitely a big difference with some items. I won’t buy my shampoo from anywhere but a salon because of the quality.

  10. So true that many times the extra cost is worth it. Some things are find as store-brand but others really merit the quality of salon items.

  11. When it comes to personal care items, I usually do get salon quality for my hair care. For my face, I use Mary Kay.

  12. I always try to use a variety of salon quality and over the counter to keep with in my budget.

  13. I often feel you get what you pay for, especially with beauty products. I am thankful I maintained my Cosmetology license so I can get some salon products at a discount.