Special Items for Your Child’s Communion and Christening



As a parent, you look forward to many milestones in your child’s life. Whether you’re excited to celebrate your son’s christening or planning a large event in celebration of your daughter’s First Holy Communion, making the right purchases will help make your child’s special day memorable for each attendee.

1. Christening Candles
On your child’s christening day, you will celebrate God’s gift to your family. Candles are used to symbolized warm, light and unity in the family of God, so they can be incorporated in many meaningful ways on christening day. In order to add a personalized touch, choose candles that fit in perfectly with your theme and reflect themes that are important to your family.

2. Christening Clothing
All eyes will be on your adorable baby during the christening, and each person’s mind will be reflecting on God. When you’re browsing through a range of christening outfits, look for apparel that will make your child look both cute and comfortable. Finding suits or gowns that are made of high quality materials will keep you and your little one happy.

3. First Communion Clothing
Your daughter has been thinking about her first Holy Communion for a long time, and such a special day deserves to be celebrated with a special outfit. There are many different beautiful communion dresses, but you want to locate one that is perfect for your little princess. Your daughter should feel beautiful, supported and loved as she takes this important step in her religious journey.

Sharing your faith with your children and other loved ones is one of the most rewarding aspects of parenting. Find the items that you need by shopping at Lily’s Attic. You can learn more about our commitment to quality and extensive product offerings at http://lilysattic.com.au.




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