Cozy Cat Furniture

I was sent a product to review. Opinions are always my own.


With three cats in the house we need a place or two they can go and hide, play and scratch. We bought a great cat tower 3 years ago. Then we only had 2 cats. Now we have 3 cats and a puppy! One tower is not enough!

We were sent a wonderful kitty tree condo to review from This tree condo is beige colored Faux Fur with sisal cat scratching posts. It has a condo, tunnel, 7 sisal scratching poles and 3 cat perches. The overall size is  59″ H x 22″ L x 22″ W.  My husband and daughter put it together easily with the step by step instructions and tools provided.



Angel was my model for the day. As you can tell she enjoys laying around and a little bit of play. I placed the kitty condo in my office and love to go in to work and see one or all three of the cats relaxing on their new tree. It came with two mice hanging down for the cats to play with. One came off the next day but the other is still hanging on.



As you can see this particular tower is great for multiple cats. There are plenty of spaces to sleep and play.

Do you have a kitty condo for your cat?


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  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    That is a nice cat condo! I imagine that is any cats dream 😉

  2. I want a cat so bad, but just looking at a cat makes my eyes swell up! My sister has a cat, and I’m definitely forwarding this on to her.

  3. Marijean says:

    Very cute!!!

  4. My cat needs something like this to feel safe from our energetic girls!

  5. Now this is cat furniture! I love how much space there is and opportunities for cats to climb and have fun.

  6. Wow, now that is a palace for cats. What total fun for little fur-babies. Thanks for sharing.

  7. This looks like a super fun cat toy! I’m sure cats of all types would love this furniture.

  8. This looks so nice! I bet my cats would love this.

  9. It looks like your cat loves this! I always love buying furniture that my animals will love!

  10. That is really nice! I have two cats and they would love this! Looks like your cat is really enjoying it!

  11. WOW! That is like the castle of cat furniture! Very cool.

  12. That cat furniture is so cool! I’d love to get some for my daughter and her cats!

  13. How fun for your cat! I bet your cats has a blast playing on the furniture!

  14. That looks like a very fun cat hut. I wish they had something like that for us.

  15. Goodness, now that’s living in luxury. Your cat seems to like it.

  16. This looks awesome for kitties. Looks like your enjoyed it to the max!

  17. That cat is living the life! I wish we still had a kitty- he would have loved this!

  18. I have 2 cats, Meep and Hazel and I know they would just love this kitty jungle gym!