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Spring is here and that means new Make Up colors are out. Also time to clean out your old make up.

Here are some tips to cleaning out your make up bag:

First tip would be to go through your makeup in categories. ie, first do all blush, then next do all eyeliners.

As you go thorough them one by one, ask yourself when was the last time I used this? Do I even really like it? If the answer is never use it, or eh, don’t really care about it, toss it.

Next tip would be to check expiration dates. Not all makeup has them, but for instance, if you’ve had a mascara longer than 3 months, it’s advised you toss it. Make up categories have different expiration dates.

Eyeliner: 6 months to 1 year

Mascara: 3-6 months

Blush, eye shadow, and other powder cosmetics: 1-2 years

Foundation: 6 months to 2 years

Lipstick: 2 years

And make sure to clean your brushes!

I was sent a few of the new Hard Candy Eye Shadow Collections to try. I was not much into make up until about 6 months ago. I had a few lessons from my cousin who LOVES make up.

In my package I received the Guilty Pleasure Collection, Aphrodisiac Collection and the Birthday Suit Collection.

Here are some pictures of the colors on my arm. I only picked the colors that actually showed color. There were several that did not have much pigmentation to them.


The Aphrodisiac collection had some really pretty blues that will be great this summer.



The Birthday Suit Collection had an awesome black/grey color.


The Guilty Pleasure Collection had a few colors with good pigment but beware of the glitter! Lots of glitter in this one. Not sure I want glitter all over my face.

So while there were only a few pretty colors to be had in each collection, for $6 it’s not too bad.


Hard Candy Top Ten Classics, $6.00 are sold at Walmart. Each collections contains ten vivacious shades to create the picture perfect look. The collections range from a soft natural glow or a bold fun finish. And each pallet comes with a mirror and two brushes.

Available in Naturally Gorgeous, Smoke Out, Green with Envy, Feelin’ Blue, Pinking of You, Rated X, Raining Men and Guilty Pleasure.

The Hard Candy collection is available only at Walmart and Walmart.com.


Would you like to try a some Hard Candy for yourself? Enter below to win two of the new Hard Candy Collections! Collections will be chosen randomly.


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  1. Andrea v says:

    Keep it light, too much is overwhelming.

  2. Are you a mom? Start with the basics you need for the day, and build from there if you have time. You can live without eye shadow, as long as you didn’t already apply one side before your toddler barges in to “help” you.

  3. This colors look great. All things in moderation!

  4. latanya t says:

    I like to use an eyelash curler

  5. I never leave the house without mascara on. Even BB cream can be skipped, but not my eyes! I need to check my expiration dates, too!

  6. Kira Foster says:

    Even if it seems to be a waste of time, wash your face!

  7. This looks like a wonderful palette. It’s got everything from nice earth tones to really poppy colors. I love it!

  8. My daughter loves Hard Candy cosmetics. She’s been using it since she first got into makeup.

  9. I’m really liking the brighter colors. The aphrodisiac collection is probably my favorite based on the swatches.

  10. I love hard candy! I have a few things from the line in my make up bag! I love the eye shadows, so very pretty!

  11. These are great colors! I do not clean out my makeup the way I should, I know I go way too long using stuff I shouldn’t. These look amazing!

  12. Marilyn Nawara says:

    To keep your eye shadow looking great all day — put a light coat of cover stick on your eyelids before putting on your eye shadow.

  13. Guess it’s time to throw out almost all of my makeup. I don’t really wear it anyway so I have no reason to keep it.

  14. I think I like the Birthday Suit Collection the best. I tend to go for very neutral colors. The price is unbeatable too!

  15. Love those colors! Hard Candy Cosmetics are wonderful! What a great contest.

  16. I like the name. The colors look pretty true to the palette too, when applied to the skin, which is always nice.

  17. I like the name. The colors look pretty true to the palette too, when applied to the skin, which is always nice.

  18. I understand what you mean about the glitter being all over. I do like a little sparkle though. I guess it’s the little girl in me that just never grew up.

  19. Spring cleaning for your make-up–what a great idea. There are definitely done things that could go. Plus, that would make room for these great new colors.

  20. Vicki Wurgler says:

    as I get older less is better-I do try to update each season

  21. Debbie Denny says:

    It is smart to clean out and update. Love the colors.

  22. Pretty colors. I don’t wear a lot of makeup and when I do it’s just simple things and I don’t wear eyeshadow. Almost 40 and still haven’t mastered it. I feel so fake when I put it on.

  23. I need to invest in an eyeshadow variety like this. I love all of the fun colors!

  24. Ann Bacciaglia says:

    I really like these colors. My Daughter would love this. I will have to order it for her birthday.

  25. Amy Desrosiers says:

    I love playing with new makeup. I also love my Hard Candy collection.

  26. I’m a ‘less is more’ kinda girl. I like soft tones. My daughter would love this palette! I think I for sure have gone way past my lipsticks shelf life LOL… Time for a spring cleaning

  27. Terra Heck says:

    Always remove makeup before going to bed. I used to sleep in it and always woke up broke out. Now I make sure it’s all off. Thanks.

  28. I love Hard Candy! Their products are so pigmented and so affordable.

  29. Stephanie says:

    make sure you take off the makeup at night

  30. valerie g says:

    I love Hard candy makeup!!! my daughter loves it as well!

  31. lissa crane says:

    My best tip is to dust a light powder over your lashes before you apply mascara. This gives you fuller looking lashes!

  32. Nannypanpan says:

    My tip is to use natural light when putting on makeup

  33. Nice colors. I’d never heard of hard candy before. I’ve got no tips. I tend to only wear lip balm. LOL

  34. Christy Peeples DuBois says:

    My number one makeup tip is when you are in a hurry and want to look out together but don’t have time for a full face of makeup pit on mascara and a lipstick and it makes a world of difference.