Postcard Panda, send a postcard from your phone to anyone in the U.S.

I moved to FL from NJ almost 2 years ago. All of my family is back in NJ so I don’t seem them often anymore. One thing I do like to do is send emails, pictures and postcards to them. An app for my iPhone  is making this more fun now to do!


Let me Introduce you to Postcard Panda. Postcard Panda is an app you can download on your iPhone and send a picture postcard to anyone in the United States for only $1.99. When I told my 7 year old about this app, she thought was a great idea and wanted to create one right away!


Picture of Scarlett on the front of the postcard


Back of postcard with message

She wanted to send herself a postcard with our cat on it to try this out. When you open the app it will ask you for a photo, message and address. Put these things in and pay the $1.99 (sent priority air mail) and there ya go, easy and simple and something someone would love to get in the mail!

The postcard quality is great and the picture is as clear as can be. The back shows the message we put, as you can see you can write a good amount on the postcard. This is a great idea for anyone who would like to send family or friends a postcard while you are on vacation.

If you have an iPhone, go to the app store and download Postcard Panda, it is free to download. You will love it! Click here to purchase.



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