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The great outdoors, is as the name suggests, great. However it can also be cold, wet, miserable, too far, too steep, too flat and too everything. Kids playing is how they learn to get through life. What are we doing if our children only interact with technology instead of naturally occurring life?
We often think of getting a pet as a way of teaching children about life, however, the relationship between a pet and a person is different to the relationship with something that isn’t soft, furry and fond of attention. Some things are inanimate, they are closer to aliens than ourselves. Helping children to understand the complexities of nature can be a fulfilling activity. Planting a tree will not only offer opportunities to learn about the water cycle or photosynthesis but about stewardship and conservation.
By looking at our existing practices we can find ways to improve ecologically. Cooking is a great thing to do, get fresh ingredients, learn about the different types of seasonal fruits and vegetables (grow some) and make things to eat. Couldn’t be simpler. Don’t know how to shop green for your cooking? Here are some tips.
When you take a break from cooking, you could play simple eco-friendly games online. These games will use device resources minimally ensuring you don’t need to leave the phone or tablet while enjoying an hour of bingo for example. New game sites that are supposed to be launched from next year have games with emphasis on climate change and the eco-system. As concern continues to grow for our world it is great that companies are tackling issues and raising awareness in their own little ways.
Exploring gardens, taking walks, engaging in sports are the main activities that can be enjoyed without ecological harm. Large chain restaurants and business/leisure theme parks that dot the outskirts of cities are economical engines but ecological blights. It is the bind of current economic thinking, quantity not quality of growth.
Considering how Monopoly was invented to teach the perils of unlimited capitalism it is important that we teach our children how ecology fits into a larger picture of economy and action. These might seem like lofty or preachy goals but the current paradigm of majority opinion defends itself by insinuating snobbishness or pretension.
Arts and crafts are a traditional folk industry. Making things on a small independent scale is how our ancestors worked. Children are the same biologically as they forebears, there is therefore an argument that they should be allowed at least to explore living simple lives in harmony with their surroundings. Here is a look at how arts and craft can be beneficial to your kids.
Reaching to the stars is also possible, getting a telescope  can open up the skies to exploration. Tracking comets, satellites and even the ISS is feasible by combining technology with an observational experience. Make some games out of it. For those who want to supplant video games there is a genre of building games which act as simulators for cities and countries exposed to the risks of life in the world. Planning and a whole earth outlook can be fostered through using the right games.


My name is MJ. I have two wonderful children and work part time as well as volunteer at my children's school.

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