3 Important Tips for Parents Drafting a Will

Drafting your own last will and testament can be both time-consuming and stressful. There are tons of things you need to consider before you can finalize everything. That is why you have to be very careful on how you make your will and testament.

Many parents think that writing a will is easy but actually it is not. Aside from confronting the idea of death and leaving your family behind, it is extremely difficult to divide your properties. It is easy to say that you will divide it equally to your children to avoid any bad feelings, but the truth is some of your children would need the money more than anyone else. And some would not even care about your property and would just sell it despite its sentimental value.

However you divide your will, it will always be prone to contestation. Some of your family member wouldn’t care about it while others will feel like they deserve more. This is the reason parents should draft their wills seriously. Everything should be thought properly and you have to prioritize your whole family’s future as well.

To make the entire process a lot easier, here are important tips to remember when creating a will:

Hire a personal will executor

It is important that you decide on who will execute all your wishes when you die. The best way to choose one is to hire a legal expert to avoid any disputes among your family members. While it is true that you can save more when you decide on appointing a family member as your personal representative, this decision could be stressful when you are dividing your assets. Personal interest of the family member could affect your decision making, so take your time in hiring an experienced and reliable legal expert to administer your assets. This representative will also handle and organize all your important documents.

Select your beneficiaries carefully

The beneficiaries of your will get all your assets in case something bad happens to you. But you have to name them in your will to ensure that they will receive the properties you left for them. Always be clear with all the possessions you want to share with your spouse, children, relatives, and family members to prevent problems like contesting a will, improper division of property, and probate fraud. When someone thinks that your will isn’t properly executed, he or she could take a stand against it. This is the reason you have to draft your will in accordance with the law.

Appoint a trustworthy guardian for your children

Generally, when one parent dies, the other parent automatically gets the custody of minor children. However, if one parent is unfit or both are no longer around, the court and your family need your last will to decide who becomes the guardian of your children. In case you haven’t written a will or the guardian is not named, the state will then make the decision. Thus, it is essential to write your own will and choose a guardian whom you can entrust the future of your beloved children.

Drafting a will is tough and scary but it is one of the most important things every parent must do for their children and relatives.

Remember, your children’s future should be secured at all times, so they could live well even when you are not with them anymore. Simply follow the helpful tips above and you can already write your will any time.


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